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15 Relationship Advice Every Man Should Know

Pretty sure we will all agree that all men are naturally competitive and they’d all probably want the best in life whether it is about their careers, work, computer games, sports or love life. It’s actually a good trait for men to have as this makes them fight for what they love and believe in. It’s the kind of attitude that makes them not to give up on certain things and people especially if they really want it or love it.


But of course, this strong disposition of men has its bad side. It is when they do not want to ask for help or assistance whenever they feel helpless, weak and vulnerable. All of us are capable of being vulnerable, exposed and incapable to do things on our own. It’s just that a lot of men would rather just face their problems and issues alone and carry the burden themselves just so they do not get pitiful stares from other people. We aren’t generalizing all men in this world but with just observing a few you’d be able to know that this is how they really are.


When it comes to love, a man would definitely give his all just to get the woman of his interest. He’ll go all out from giving flowers to treating the girl to coffee or dinner to clearing up his schedule just so he can give her time. All men would want to be the perfect man for their girlfriends. All men would want to give their woman everything that they can. All men would do anything just so they could keep impressing and making his woman the happiest person on Earth.


There isn’t a perfect person and there definitely isn’t a perfect relationship. We have our ups and downs and we have our own problems to face everyday. But here are a few things that you could do in order to keep the love burning and maintaining the relationship alive.


1. You must be willing to communicate with your partner and talk about all the things that are bothering you. Yes, it is hard to be an open book but you need this in order to gain the trust of your partner and in order to be aware how the both you feel about your relationship. This is better than hiding what you feel and keeping it for yourself because it will eventually explode as it’ll pile up inside of you.


2. Never take your wife or your girlfriend for granted and know that she should not be required or forced to take care of you just because you are together. Yes, you should always take care of each other but remember that you should be fair. A woman’s job in the relationship is to make sure you’re doing great but be sure that you also give her the things that she needs. It should be a give and take relationship.


3. Always let her know that you love and appreciate her so much. It’s not corny to tell her always that you love her. It wouldn’t lessen your manliness if you do so. Just let her know how important she is and what she means to you by showering her with sweet thoughts and lovely messages every now and then. You can also give her little gifts that she’ll surely appreciate like chocolates, flowers or even a short note or a handwritten letter that you wrote yourself.


4. Surprise her, just like your first few months together. It can be as simple as giving her gifts that she likes or setting up a romantic dinner for the both of you or buying online tickets for a movie that she wants to see. You can even go overboard by planning a vacation to a country that she had always wanted to visit.


5. Remember that you should talk about things first before making a decision. You should know that you do not own your partner and that she also has a say in making the decision, be it an important decision or a small one. Always make sure that you discuss thing first with each other before proceeding to do something.


6. Never sneak out glances or stare at another woman when you are with your partner. That is just disrespectful.


7. Always be honest about the things that you both talk about but try not to be brutally honest as you know how women are too sensitive. Try to say things in a nicer way when you want to point out something bad, for example, she is wearing a shirt that is making her look fat, tell her nicely, she’ll definitely appreciate that more.


8. Never stop wooing your partner and keep on making her feel that she’s wanted. Besides, seeing her smile is the best thing in the world, yes?


9. Establish your dreams and our goals and show her that you are on your way to getting the life that you want for yourself with her in it. Show her that you are determined and disciplined to do so.


10. Spice it up in bed. Sex is important if you want to maintain the flame in your relationship. Make sure that you keep her satisfied in bed and vice versa.


11. If possible, give her all of your attention and affection.


12. Never, ever make you girlfriend feel like she just second best. Make her your priority so she’ll feel secure and loved.


13. Problems will come and go but if you find yourself in a heated argument then never walk away from her. You have to discuss everything together and avoid complications. Walking away won’t solve anything instead it magnifies the problem and would probably hurt your girlfriend if you do it.


14. Tell her you are happy for her and proud of her and of what she has been accomplishing from work, herself and in the relationship. This is another way of showing how much you appreciate her.


15. Never cheat on her. If you are not happy with her anymore then just leave as there is no reason for you to stick around anymore. Do not make her feel important if she isn’t anymore and when your wooing other women. It’s just not fair and right to do so.


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