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15 Practical Tips on How to Make a Relationship Last

Before, men were usually the dominant individual in relationships as they were seen as the person who builds and earns for the family, they work for the family, and they make the decisions regarding important and relevant matters that concerns the whole family. But that was long ago when sexism was at its peak. Today, although there are still some relationships who see the male as more commanding and more authoritative one, the progress in the system between a man and a woman who brought up a relationship together had changed to be finer, healthier and better than before.


Nowadays, couples regard themselves as two equal individuals who decide that they would form a relationship and be together. Of course, it still depends, this is not a general rule of thumb but you will know that you have the best kind of relationship that is healthy, happy and meant to last when you balance the power, control and dominance between the two of you.


Regardless, here are some effective and useful information on how you and your partner could overcome struggles, obstacles and issues during your time together.


1. If you feel like the relationship is not going to work out because of irreconcilable differences and major reason, then do what needs to be done and end the relationship as soon as possible. Yes, you will definitely feel it within you if there is a potential in your relationship but if none, just cut it right out and save yourselves from the misery and pain and go and look for the right one for you.


2. You have to demand to have your own time to either spend it alone or with friends and family. This will allow you to think clearly about certain situations and not get overwhelmed by the emotions and problems that you are facing in the relationship. You both need some space apart in order to breathe and balance everything.


3. Keep in mind that whether you have been together for a short time or for the long run, the two of you needs to grow separately in order to grow together. It is all about balance. You would not want to spend every waking moment with the same person, doing the same things and eating the same food everyday for the rest of your lives, yes? Do things separately while you’re in a relationship.


4. Never, ever, cheat on your partner. Remind yourself why you chose him or her as your partner and remind yourself how much you love them, how you are when you are with them and how much you wanted to spend the rest of your lives together before actually committing a sin and getting involved with another man or woman. You have lots of problems? That is normal. You fight a lot? That is normal. You just have to grow, mature and understand the situation at hand in order to save your relationship and not having anyone involved between you and your significant other. Keep things exciting and you’ll never be tempted to cheat or look at another person.


5. Always make your feelings and emotions known to your partner. If you have a problem or an issue regarding the relationship then talk things out calmly and let them know you opinions and views about it. Also, make them feel how much you love them and show them affection.


6. Always put in a lot of extra effort and never ask why you should do it. The only reason is that because your partner deserves everything that makes them happy and until you could, give them the everything that they want. Give them the world. Give them the moon. Give them the stars. When your partner is happy, you will also be happy and the relationship will definitely prosper.


7. Know how to listen before you talk so you would be able to understand your partner and the situation at hand. Do not just blabber and talk nonsense. Learn to fully listen with your heart and not just with your ear. Listen to their opinions and their problems and their pain. If they sought out for an advice from you then that is just when you will need to talk.


8. Motivate each other into becoming better, happier and stronger. This will not only be for your own selves but for the relationship and the family that you are building.


9. Throw away the negative thoughts, feelings and emotions as much as you can and just focus on the positive things. Thinking and acting negatively will never do any good to your relationship as it can only ruin the good mood and the good vibrations between you and your partner. Stay positive always.


10. Always try to think and act rationally and logically and when things are tough and serious try to separate your emotions first so you would be able to give a logical and unbiased argument or point when talking things through. If yo let your emotions run over then it could be a messier fight. Always think before talking and acting to avoid unnecessary drama and conflicts in the relationship.


11. Try to spend more time with your partner and get to know them deeply. It is not always knowing about his likes or her dreams or his pet peeves or her favorites, it’s more of just knowing the person from deep within and seeing their soul and you just know exactly what makes them, them.


12. Respect your partner and treat them the way you will treat your boss at work. They are also humans and they deserve regarded the right way.


13. Always keep your promises, if you can’t then just do not promise anything. You wouldn’t want to see your partner cry or hurt or disappointed because of your broken promises.


14. Make sure that you keep the sex game working and running and never boring. Always find new ways to keep it exciting and thrilling.

15. Always open up to your partner and let them know how your work is doing or how your mother has  been or how your new business venture is going. Update them, be open and always be honest. Never lie.


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