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12 Best Relationship Advice You'll Ever Need

Relationships today aren’t as conservative, as demure and as restrained as before and that is probably a good thing. It has evolved into something radical, casual and liberal, that even the teenagers of today’s generation, indulge themselves in relationships whether they know how to handle it or not. If there’s is something that we learned from watching Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls and Sex in the City, it’s probably that relationships are never easy. You could have experienced it yourself in tenth-grade or from your past relationship that didn’t work out. Relationships are full of drama and unexpected occurrences that could make anyone pass out on love.


But no matter how hard your past relationships were and how painful it was to face a breakup and move on from it, always remember that love is the most magical and the most uplifting emotion that you could feel for someone. Your relationships before may not have been a good one and only brought pain and suffering to you, but there will be that one person who is going to give you another reason why you should fall in love and take the risk again.


So, if you want to gain the advantage and knowledge regarding love then read on and you might pick up some useful tips on how to make your relationship work and how to prolong the love that you have built with someone who is special to you.


1. Expect that you and your partner have differences. There will always be conflicting ideas, opinions, views and beliefs between the two of you and that is okay and acceptable as there is no one in this world who is very much the same as you are. You have to take these differences as something that could challenge the relationship and make it more interesting, just enjoy and accept it instead of trying to change your partner and for them to be and think just like you.


2. Accept that your partner is not perfect and they will make lots of mistakes that might affect you and your relationship. Committing mistakes, errors, faults and slip-ups are inevitable as everyone makes mistakes. What you can do is to allow yourself to forgive and harbor no grudge and hard feeling inside of you.


3. Always talk things through whether it’s about a minor change or major problems, talk it out. Arguing is an indefinite and an unending part of relationships, it is just a matter of how the both of you will handle it. You can always sit down and discuss what upsets you or angers you with your partner. This will also allow you to understand and appreciate them better.


4. Remember, sex will change. It’s not going to be how it was before when you were in your late-20’s when your sexual activities overflow with passion and lust. It will be lessened and reduced from three to four times a week to just once a week or twice a month. It is normal as you age but you can always keep and maintain your sex life as you spend longer years with your partner. Just don’t expect that it will be as often and as regularly as before.


5. Learn to appreciate everything that life may bring while you still can. This advice is probably for the older couples who have braved all the challenges in their relationship and find themselves together after thirty years. You may have been successful in the upbringing of your children, was able to save enough money for retirement and achieved most of your career goals. You probably have a lot of good memories together that you can go back to


6. Make sure to keep on having fun with your partner and share a good laugh every now and then. This allows you to become closer again, especially after an argument or a fight over something, and might even remind you of why you’re together.


7. Whatever it is that you’re going through, always listen to your partner and let them speak up. When you are fighting or arguing over something, try your best to not scream and shout at your partner and stay calm. You will be able to address the problem immediately when you do so.


8. Keep on going out and having dates with just the two of you. It’s important that you remind your partner how your first year together was and how much you love and adore them even after a lot of years that had passed. Enjoy a drink, watch a movie, walk at the park or just do something together.


9. Try to win the hearts of your partner’s family members as well. Keep a good relationship with them especially your in-laws who can also be your friend, defender and ally and never butt in on any family arguments, disagreements and conflict. They will also be able to allow you to understand your partner better as they raised him or her and grew up with them before you guys met.


10. Try your best not to snoop on his or her things and social media accounts. If you think your partner is hiding something from you then this is not the right way. You have to speak with each other and discuss whatever it is that is bothering you.


11. Be open to change and be prepared about it. Change is inevitable and it happens to even the best of us so be ready when change comes and face it positively and confidently then everything will be alright.


12. You have to know that in the process of strengthening and developing your relationship, you will also know and find out more about yourself, like how you can be with a partner, your real attitude towards life, your desires, dreams, goals and wishes. You will also be able to find out what love really means and how to love unconditionally.

Relationships take work and it is all up to you and your partner’s actions, belief and words, if you are going to make it to forever. It doesn’t always come smoothly and perfectly to everyone. You have to work for it and you have to fight for it when worse comes to worst in order to surpass everything together.


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