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11 Most Common Reasons Why Couples Break-up

Every relationship has its ups and downs. Couples go through recurrent and numerous problems, troubles, conflicts and difficulties, especially those who have been together for a long time already. It is normal as you get to know the person better and when your relationship with them goes deeper because you will find out how they really are as a person and you will know about their genuine personality and temperament.


Truly, people would be nice and fun to be with, you’ll hang out, enjoy doing things and spend a lot of time together. This is when two people decide to start an intimate relationship together because the other person makes you feel happy and pleased. Yes, in the first few months, or in the first year, of your relationship you will feel very ecstatic and thrilled. You will wake up with a smile on your face, you will receive sweet messages or unexpected calls from your special person every now and then, you will be looking forward to seeing each other, you will spend most of the time with each other and if possible, you will do everything together.


As you get more attached to one another, you will feel comfortable with your relationship that you will feel little changes here and there about how you treat and see each other as a person and you will see their real character and disposition. Once you get to know and have a deeper relationship with your partner, you will inevitably face conflicts, disagreements, fights and arguments more often.


What are the different relationship difficulties, issues and problems that couples face? Here is a rundown list of what might be destroying your relationship.

1. Infidelity or cheating


Infidelity is unacceptable as you promised that you’ll love each other in richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, for better or worse and until death do you part in front of the church and all your loved ones. Why do people cheat? It could be:


- Emotionally: because your partner does not feel as loved and as cared for as compared to before when your relationship just started

- Mentally: because they could have been attracted and curious with another person

- Physically or sexually: because they just couldn’t get enough sex from their significant other.


As a partner, make yourself aware of all of their daily activities and observe if they are doing something out of the ordinary routine. You’ll eventually know if their is seeing someone else. If you know and already have proof of their infidelity then talk to each other and discuss what you want to do with the relationship. Yes, it is hard to be cheated on but you have to be tough for yourself and for the relationship. You’ll know what to do once you and your partner were able to talk to each other.


2. Differences in beliefs, opinions and views


This could be a tough one as this may bring a whole lot of fighting, argument and squabbles between the two of you. Although, it is not as damaging and as detrimental as infidelity but it can be quite difficult to handle especially if it happens most of the time. Just try to broaden your thinking and try to understand where your partner is coming from. It’s okay to have different point of views and beliefs and it’s okay not to agree with each other’s opinions.


3. Intense and relentless stress


When your partner is caught in prolonged and continued period of stress from work, mental health problems, physical health matters, financial worries, infertility and the likes. This may affect the relationship big time if not settled as soon as possible. You, as a loving partner, have to talk to your partner every now and then to be sure that they’re mentally healthy and doing well in any aspect of life. It is your duty to keep them sane and absorb their worries and anxiety when it is too much for them. Help each other and you’ll find yourselves in a peaceful and healthy relationship.


4. Loss of interest


Do you suddenly feel as if your partner is losing their interest in you? Do you feel as if you lack intimate activities together? Well, you already know what to do. Get their interest and attention back by exerting extra effort and clearing your time for them to do what you used to do before like hangout, have dinner and go to the movie house or do something new together like start a new hobby or go somewhere private. Just try to bring back the time you spend with each other, enjoy and cherish the moment.


5. Jealousy


This couldn’t be as bad as it seems because a jealous partner is probably someone who is insecure of themselves as they do not think that they are pretty or handsome enough or that they think everyone is beautiful and smart besides them so they tend to get jealous of everyone of the opposite sex who comes near you. All you can do is assure your partner that they are good enough and that you love them and no one could take their place inside your heart.


7. Physical Abuse


This is probably the worst and the most serious type of problem in a relationship. Your partner should never hit you or lay a hand on you even when they are fuming with anger as you aren’t their property whom they can hit anytime they feel like. You have to call out on your partner to stop the physical abuse or leave the relationship ASAP.


8. Irreconcilable and incongruous marriage


Are you one of those people who got married on the spur of the moment without even making sure that you want to spend the rest of your life with the person whom you married? If so, then it would really cause a ruckus and confusion to your part. Try to love the person truthfully and try to make it work as you never know how good your life will be if you spend most of it with the person whom yo married.


9. Bad habits and addictions


Anything excessive is bad. So excessive drinking, gambling and anything unhealthy will cause the relationship to fall apart because you will be spending more time doing unnecessary things than to spend it with your partner at home. If you can, try to balance it out and do not do thing excessively and unreasonably.


10. Lack of support


It is indeed painful and heartbreaking when your own partner, husband or wife is not wholeheartedly supporting you with what you are doing for the family. So make sure that whatever it is that your partner feels like or wants to do, especially if it is for the benefit of the family or your relationship then just show your support and push them to achieve their best.


11. Lack of communication


It is always good for couples to sit down comfortably and talk about important matters for their growth, and their stability. You and your partner should be able to relay their messages and intentions clearly to each other. Also, if you can laugh and joke about things while doing so then that would be better as it may strengthen your relationship and your bond as a couple.


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