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10 Most Effective for a Lasting Relationship

The easiest part in a relationship is the beginning. It is basically when the both of you are so in love with each other that you decide to start something special together. The hardest part is keeping the love burning, retain your attraction with each other and maintain the love that you have found. That is why a lot of couples today, opt to go to relationship experts and therapists to ask for good advices and insights on how they can maintain and stabilize their relationship.


You never really know when a big problem will strike and when you get fed up from the everyday stress and quarreling with one another. Of course, you and your partner are only just mere human beings who get tired after a big wave of inevitable problems and stress.


So here are effective advices for the couples who strive to overcome everything that they face and who fights for their relationship at all costs.


1. You have to maintain physical contact all the time. This advice is not about having sex all the time but it is about the little physical touches that you do every day like kissing, hugging, cuddling, and snuggling. Also, try not to forget the simple things like playing with her hair or stroking his arm or holding each other’s hands while walking at the mall. This is important because it provokes and causes your happy hormones to get to work so it will definitely make you feel good about your partner and your relationship with each other.


2. You sometimes have to act out of your normal character. How so? For example, it is normal that you charge of working and bringing the money in the bank and your wife’s duty is to clean up all the mess at home and take care of all the kids. For once, try to help out at home and cook dinner for your wife. She’ll appreciate you more. This just means that you have to go out of your way to make your partner happy, even if it means doing something that you do not normally do everyday.


3. Do not let your sex life die at some point in your relationship. You have to know that men are more likely to enjoy having sex and being physically in contact with their wives or girlfriends than actually to sit down and discuss things by talking. Make sure that sex doesn’t come off the list when you’re enjoying a long term relationship. Put it on your schedule and have sex ate least twice or thrice a week. You’ll grow physically and emotionally closer with this.


4. Try not to treat your significant other as your best friend. Yes, it’s cute and sweet to have your boyfriend or girlfriend as your best friend as you want them to know everything about you and vice versa. You have to maintain that “womanly” figure in the eyes of your man.


5. Allow each other to talk during discussions. We all come to a point where we have to sit down during an argument and ask one another about the things that bothers us or what makes us angry. If you find yourself in that position make sure to let you partner speak and let them finish. Do not interrupt their train of thought because that is just plain rude. Wait for your turn and remind him not to speak as you do so. This shows respect and allows you to productively end the discussion.


6. Always be positive. Always try to put every negative situation in between positive situations. For example: “I know that you love painting and that you enjoy doing it so but you tend to be very messy and you ruin the walls by doing so. I know that you could still paint a good picture and clean up after the next time.” If you do it like this then you’ll have a better discussion without all the shouting and unnecessary negative emotions.


7. You have to stretch your patience for as far and as long as you could. Yep, none of you are perfect and so there will be times that one of you will be as irritating as a 4-year old kid who tries to get the biscuit jar when he’s had too much. Instead of allowing yourself to be angry or annoyed, just try to think of something that you love about this person so you can think of that instead of the maddening action that he is doing. Maintain your cool, understand your partner and remind yourself as to why you are with him and you’ll eventually get off the hook.


8. Spend a day with just the two of you. Yes, do not mind the house chores and the kids for a moment as you can leave them to your mothers for one night. Make sure that you still go out on dates, movie nights, afternoon coffee or spend the weekend at the beach or go anywhere you want to go and do anything you want to do but just make sure that it is only the two of you. Spend time together just like when you were a new couple. Avoid distractions such as cellphones and just enjoy each other’s company.


9. Always show your support to each other. You want to invest half of your savings into a new business? If the both of you think that it’s a good idea to do so then just do it. It doesn’t matter if you lose the money, as it is just money and you can always get it back when you work hard for it. What is important is that you made your partner feel that you are there and you are by their side when they needed to decide on something big. Support each other all the time.

Keep in mind that arguments and fights are a big part of healthy relationships. It is normal that there are conflicts and misunderstandings as we are not perfect. All you’ll have to do is stretch your patience and try to understand your partner’s actions and way of thinking. Maintaining a relationship isn’t as hard as it seems, you just have to be ready to give out extra effort to do so.


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