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10 Most Common Problems Couples Face in Their Relationship

In a relationship, fights, arguments and petty quarrels are inevitable and inescapable as we often face great problems, small issues and difficult challenges in our way. When people do not know how to handle their partners or their emotions well, they tend to just give up and opt for a break up just to finish the issue and move along.


It is sad how some couples think that breaking up is the best solution to a small problem. Some couples do not even try to understand the situation or assess the circumstances or put some effort into fixing what has been damaged before splitting with their partners. Breakups are hard and painful and one would need a lot of time to mend what has been broken and to fully move on with life and start anew.


If only people try to understand more of what is happening then there is a bigger chance that they save the love that they have with another person and preserve the relationship that was once full of happiness and affection.


Here are some of the most common problems that couples face in the duration of their relationship. It is important to take note of these if you have been in a suffocating relationship so that you have an idea on how to handle your future romance and how to save it from falling apart.


1. People can fall out of love


This happens when one or both of the people involved aren’t satisfied with each other or it also happens when they get too comfortable with each other. There is a big tendency of not putting the same effort or enough effort in the relationship when they feel very comfortable with their partners and when they seem to know everything about the other so well. They think that it is enough that they are together for a long time but the truth is, relationships take a lot more than two just two people who decided to be together. They would still have to take care of the relationship and put effort into knowing more about their partners even if they have been in it for five years.


2. People sometimes deceive the person whom they love


When you are in a relationship, you should never, ever, lie to your partner. Also, never keep secrets to one another, be it small or big ones, because it could ruin the relationship. Trust is a very important pillar, alongside love and understanding, when building a relationship as you wouldn’t be able to be comfortable and happy with a person if you do not fully trust them. Always be honest and tell the truth, even if it means hurting the other person. They would prefer it that way than knowing nothing about a major problem or issue.


3. People can be perfectionists


Keep in mind that there are no perfect people so therefore there are no perfect relationships as well. Your partner would not be able to follow everything that you want them to do and give you everything that you wish for. And you cannot as well. You have to know how to lower your expectations to avoid or lessen your disappointments and frustrations. Also, remember that everyone commits mistakes so it just isn’t fair for your partner to give out unrealistic expectations for him or her to comply with.

4. People can be controlling


Controlling or forcing your partner to do what they do not want to do is suffocating and could drive them crazy. Instead, of forcing what you want on them, why not let them do what they want and have a little time apart for a few hours or a day? If you keep on demanding them to follow you, it just shows how immature you are and your partner may think that you are treating them as a child.


5. Dispute or feud between you and your partner’s family


This one may not entirely be your fault, as there is a great chance that one of the family members or the whole family does not like you. If that is the case, you cannot do anything as you cannot actually please anyone or beg anyone to like you. You should just talk to your partner about it and discuss on what you could do to continue your relationship.


If your partner’s family is okay with you being one of them but you find yourself resenting one of them because of their certain belief, opinions and ideology then try compromising and actually try to understand where they are coming from instead of picking a fight with them. Remember that we are all different and we have different ways of thinking and doing things, it is all about understanding, agreeing and respecting one another.


6. Some couples are not really compatible to begin with


Again, people tend to be different with one another. We have our own way of thinking and doing things but it all boils down to how understanding and respectful we can get in order to accept your partner wholly. You just have to talk about the important matters such as you religious opinions, political views and moral beliefs, once settled, your relationship will be fine. Just do not push your own beliefs into your partner and try to understand as well what they are trying to fight for.


7. Mismanaging problems and difficulties


You are aware that if you find yourself facing a serious problem that could cause an end to your relationship then you would have to sit down and talk through things with your partner to be able to come up with a good solution, yes? If not, and you tried to just ignore the problem then that might evolve into something bigger and harder to fix. Fighting and continuously blabbering about your issues will not solve anything. Do something to actually make a profitable solution to it.


8. People can fight over money


Yes, as they say, money is the root of all evil. It’s normal that we need money wot spend for our everyday needs and wants and it is normal for couples to save up for their future and this is what makes it a big issue in a relationship. Joint accounts are supposed to be your savings as a couple, if you are going to get money out of the account, you would have to consult with your partner first because they also have the right to decide about that money. Never take money out of it secretly. If you want, decide on having individual bank accounts that you can get from when you want to shop and dine out with your friends.


9. Not spending time apart


It is feels nice to be with the one you love, yes? To always spend the days together, eating, drinking, watching a movie at the mall, having coffee in the afternoon but know that there should be boundaries for these nice days as you also have to spend some time apart. You have to allow each other to grow individually and separately in order to mature and be responsible and wise in your own ways. Try doing things apart like starting your own new hobby or enrolling yourself to an art or cooking class. Be connected to other people and reunite with your college buddies or childhood friends.


10. Some people do not show enough appreciation


This is a common problem because couples get too comfortable each other that they forget to remind their partners how much they love and appreciate them. They tend to forget to say small compliments such as “you look beautiful tonight” or “you smell good” or “your cooking is great”. Some even forget to say “thank you” when their partner did something good for them.

Relationships aren’t easy to maintain as it requires a lot of hard work, dedication, understanding and patience. It is not just about love. It is about giving out your trust and allowing yourself to be trustworthy. It is about compromising about the things that you can never change and it is about accepting your partner as to who they really are, what they have and how they do things. It is also about learning to listen when things get rough and doing something about it. Lastly, relationships are about forgiveness as no one is perfect and we all commit mistakes. Forgive and give your partner endless chances if possible. Yes, you can say that love is about being happy and satisfied with what you have with your partner but it is also about being hurt and knowing pain but still being able to love again and again and again.


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