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10 Best Relationship Advice Every Girl Must know

When girls fall in love, they fall hard. Girls are believed to be different from women as they are considered to be the younger versions of the latter and they still don’t have solid ideas and thoughts when it comes to love. They are still young, naive and immature and they are on the phase of their lives where they are curious and eager to know more about how love works and how they could succeed in the dating world.


For teenagers, being in a relationship is something that excites them as they get to explore things that they cannot do alone, like dating and going to the movie house, eating at the local diner, devising a creative proposal from prom and, yes, even sex. As much as schools and parents discourage teenagers to have sex with each other as they are, apparently, still too young to know about that, there are still some teenagers who are willing to explore beyond the things that they are allowed to do. Falling in love is almost like their greatest dream came to life when they get start dating the boy or girl that they have a crush with in the campus.


In reality, love is unexplainable and unreasonable and you wouldn’t learn about it just by hearing stories from your friends or listening to other people’s experiences, opinions and views about it. Love is probably the greatest feeling that anyone could ever feel, perceive and be capable of giving. It is an exciting, thrilling, amazing and phenomenal yet confusing, distressing and heartbreaking experience, especially for the young ones who are new to the sensation of falling in love.


Here are some useful advices for those girls who have fallen in love at a young age. This might be beneficial for their individual maturation and their relationship growth as they might know how to keep the balance, the happiness and the equality in the romance.


1. Never push your boyfriend to change himself and his habits. Yes, change comes inevitably so let it naturally flow. Do not nag about him being addicted to computer games or when he is busy because he has a part time job at the local coffee house. Let him realize his shortcomings and he’ll eventually change for the better. In the meantime, learn how to compromise and adjust for him, his schedule and his interests. You have to love him for who he is.


2. Never beg for someone’s love. Most teenagers fall for the cool and athletic guys who have cheerleaders as their girlfriends. If you fall in love for someone that you cannot have, then just let the feeling pass and never ever bring yourself in a situation where you’ll look stupid while begging for him to be yours. You can confess, sure, go on ahead, but once he declined then move on and start focusing on other things or other people. If he feels the same about you then you will know, yes?


3. Always be yourself and never pretend to be someone whom you aren’t just to get his attention and love. If you have a boyfriend, then good, never change for him and stay the way you are. If you don’t have a boyfriend, then just wait for the one to come along and never try to transform yourself just to be noticed.


4. Do not blame everything on yourself. Young girls tend to be naive and gullible and they have the tendency to blame themselves whenever something goes wrong in the relationship. They tend to overthink and be anxious that they are facing a problem, an issue or a challenge because of something that they have done. Stop this. Analyze the situation, then if it is his fault why you’re relationship is shaky then do not take the blame for it.


5. Do not put everything on social media. Girls today are so hooked on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and they tend to post everything on those social media platforms. Like, when they go out on dates with their boyfriends or when they travel to another state or country or even just the dinner that they’ll be consuming in a few minutes. Usually, boys don’t like it when you post too much on social media as it makes them uncomfortable and uneasy. A few posts about your beau is fine but do not post everything about your relationship and start getting that privacy that you both need and deserve.


6. Do not make the small problems big with your whining and overreacting. Admit it, girls tend to be naggers and they will try to make an issue out of all the little things that their boyfriends do like being late on your scheduled time, wasn’t able to text you goodnight or couldn’t give you the something that you want. Try to talk about it first and know his reasons the understand him. This can make your relationship a lot stronger and better.


7. Make sure that you clearly communicate with one another everyday. There no problem that couldn’t be solved by calmly talking it through with your partner. Always be available for talking and never shut your boyfriend out. Listen to him and ask him to listen to you. Also, try to send good morning and good night texts everyday, just so you can make him feel that you think about him the moment you wake up and before you go to sleep


8. Learn how to respect and trust one another as these are the two most important things in a relationship. If you do not practice trusting and respecting your partner then your relationship would most likely fail.


9. Remember to not be too clingy to your partner and give him enough space to breath on his own. Yes, spending time with each other feels so good and being with him is like the best thing in the world but give him enough space to miss you and crave for your presence. You don’t want him to feel isolated from his friends. Give him his own time and have yours as well.

10. You have to know how to love the right way. Make sure that you are not “blind” while loving him. You must be aware of his flaws and his shortcomings yet you still have to love him with all your heart despite these things. Remember that no one is perfect, you aren’t either so what do you expect from your man?


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