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Numerology Systems

All predictions in numerology are based on the numbers one to nine and what each of these numbers represent. Then again, each alphabet has a particular number associated with it.

Here is a list of the numbers associated with the alphabets. As you can see from the list, each number also has some common characteristics associated with it.

1. = A J S – Energy, creativity
2. = B K T – Beauty, honesty
3. = C LU – Enlightenment, communication, luck
4. = D M V – Security, stability, stubbornness
5. = E N W – Uncertainty, doubt, quick thinking
6. = F O X – Peace, harmony, obstinacy, friendship
7. = G P Y – Spirituality, wisdom, philosophy, intuition
8. = H Q Z – Justice, strength, will power
9. = I R – Dominance, psychic, destiny

Now for example, if you see a windmill in your dream, in terms of numbers you can interpret it as W 5 + I 9 + N 5 + D 4 + M 4 + I 9 + L 3 + L 3 = 42. Now 4 + 2 = 6, which going by the above table represents peace and harmony. Similarly, you may see a number in your dream, for example, 5678. Simply add up the numbers and then further add up the digits in the result till you reach a single digit figure.

The numbers associated with your date, time and place of birth can predict what the future has in store for you regarding your health, career, love life, relationships and more. Try out our numerology readings and judge for yourself their accuracy. Even if you are a sceptical, you may wish to try them out for entertainment. You never know, our numerology readings may just change the course of your life.



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