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Numerologie (Numerology) is an ancient practice, but it is also the easiest to master and learn.  As a student, one might probably have learned about the importance of numbers in one’s life but what was not taught in school is that numbers can also tell about a personality, character, talent, and purpose of a person in this Earth.

There are several things that a person can learn through numerology.  The first is the Life Path number which is computed by using a person’s birth date.  One simply adds up all the digits in the number until only one digit remains.

For example, a person is born on February 14, 1975.  Converted to numbers this becomes 02/14/1975, so 2+1+4+1+9+7+5=29.  Adding the digits up, one derives 2+9=11 and 1+1=2, so the number 2 is the Life Path number.  This tells about the reason one is alive.  It is the cause for one’s existence.

Another thing which can be derived from numerology is the Expression Number taken by converting the letters in a person’s name or cosmic name into numbers and then adding them up to the same way as in finding the Life Path Number. 

For example, the name Mercedes is 4+5+9+3+5+4+5+1 =36, hence, 3+6=9. This number would tell the person about their destiny as a whole. By adding the vowels in it, one would determine the soul number which defines the innate nature and character as a human being.  In the same way, adding up just the consonants will tell about the personality traits and enrich the person with lessons about how he appears to other people.

Once the numerology reader finishes the computation, the person can then find out about themselves, their strengths, weaknesses, and other important information.

Achieving a balance in all areas mentioned will make way for the accomplishment of a well-lived, and synchronized life attune to their life’s purpose and future.  One can understand their true nature, character, personality, driving force, and talents, and determine the changes they need to make to achieve perfection.


The good thing about numerology is it is not subjective.  This means to say, the interpretation is not subject to personal biases and concerns of the reader.  The numbers are concrete and exact and the procedure at which these are derived is simple.  The computation is even easy to do. There are no other requirements needed as well for one to get a numerology reading.  Just the full name and the birth date is enough and one is ready to go. 

For those who have problems understanding who they are and what they are made for, enlightenment is possible through numerology.  The better a person knows himself, the more he will be able to use his capabilities, balance his skills, character, and soul, to reveal who he truly is for others to see. These numerology predictions motivate a person to strive harder knowing there is still so much in store for him.  They direct him to knowing where he truly belongs.




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