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Mayan Astrology

Mayans astrology is basically related to the Mayan Calendar. Mayan Calendar is not just a measure of the passage of time, but it is an instrument - a gateway - of understanding the past and predicting the future not only of an individual but also of humanity or rather the cosmos as a whole. In case of the latter, it analyses the progression of human consciousness over the ages and the evolution of ideas, thoughts, behavior patterns and actions. Mayan Calendar is the study of the cosmic plan that takes within its sweep not only the cosmos but also the mankind and individuals -- in fact all the things that come into existence, because every thing, animate or inanimate is a relevant part of the cosmic plan, is encompassed in the Mayan calendar.

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Of late, Mayan calendar has been evoking renewed interest in its relevance. One of the many thinkers and subscribers to Mayan Astrology, John Major Jenkins, in his book, Maya Cosmogenesis 2011 has drawn attention to the fact that the Mayan Great Cycle of thirteen baktuns will shortly come to an end on the Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) 2012. * The date is looming larger because it is drawing closer. It is this awareness that is arousing so much interest in Mayan astrology.

Mayans initially used two calendars. One was the tzolkin or the Sacred calendar and the other was haab or the vague year. The former consists of 365 days in a year and the latter 260 days. However, in both the systems, a cycle of 20 days forms the basis of calculation. In the Sacred calendar, there are 13 cycles with each cycle consisting of twenty named days identified numerically also. The name of each Mayan day has a meaning and significance.

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The other calendar year called the haab has 365 days with each month of 20 days. There is one month Uayeb that is shorter by 5 days and it is considered an unlucky month. ‘The first day of the month was called its seating. For example, the numbering of the month of Zip went as follows: the Seating of Zip, 1-Zip, 2-Zip etc’.

The two calendar year systems worked simultaneously so that each day bore two names belonging to each of the two years—the tzolkin name and the haab names. The gap between the number of days of each year being large, the two cycle years would naturally go out of sync till the cycles would once again begin after 52 years. A Mayan ‘century’ interestingly consisted of 52 years.

Mayans had another parameter of measuring the time cycles, just as we have decades, centuries or millennia.

Besides the above two calendar years, Mayans also had another calendar year, called Long Count Calendar. This year was called tun and it consisted of 360 days. Twenty tuns made a katun of (360x20) 7200 days. Twenty katuns made a bakun of 144,000 days. Thirteen bakuns made a cycle, called the Great Cycle or a Sun.

Mayans believed that at the end of each great cycle, a cataclysmic occurrence would destroy most of the world and a new civilization and a new world order would come into existence. According to the Mayan belief, at present the world is in the Fifth Cycle, which started on 12th August 3114 BC and will come to an end on 23 December 2012. According to Mayans, the appearance and setting of Venus was considered as the most potent harbinger of devastative strife and war. An eclipse too could be a cause of catastrophe. Mayan priests and astrologers could predict the future course of the life of any person who provided day and the date of his birth by consulting the Book of Fate They could not only predict the future of an individual, but also the fate of a nation or a religion.

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