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What is a Free Psychic?

Free psychic, going by the literal meaning of the term, is a person who offers his services free- without any charge- in answering questions and solving a plethora of other problems which most of the people face. The meaning and implications of the term’ free’ should be understood in the right perspective. It must be clearly understood that a free psychic service cannot be provided to every one for all the time and for any number of questions. It is economically not feasible. More than that, it is unethical both for the psychic and the client to indulge in free psychic readings.
In spite of this fact, why is it that some psychic websites offer a free psychic reading? The truth behind this apparent anomaly is that free psychic readings are actually provided as a sample services to allow the skeptics to get a taste or a glimpse of the true diagnostic and prognostic nature of the psychic powers and be convinced. Even if a person has genuine faith in the power of the psychics as such, he has every right to be sure of the ability and expertise of the psychics who offer their services. The client must also be sure that the psychic is an expert in using the various psychic tools that he claims to specialize, such as

Suppose a psychic claims to be an expert in astrology, the only way for him to convince you of his prowess is to provide you with a free astrological chart and a prediction on a certain problem so that you gain confidence and do not waver mid way.

Most of the psychic websites provide a free online psychic reading on a daily basis—

The idea is not to dupe you or entice you. It is just to provide you glimpses of the psychic powers so that you accept the service after being duly convinced and ask for more of the same without any hesitation.

Having said this, once a person is satisfied with the psychic’s ability, he should pay for his services. It does not reflect the dignity of a gentleman client to accept anything free all the time. Going by spiritual laws and the theory of karma too, it is not desirable to avail free services from any one on long-term basis. Free giving is donation or a charity, and if you accept it without any payment or any other form of return to equalize the favor, you are carrying a burden on your soul. This is the reason for the origin of the tradition of just and an equitable return favor.

If you accept a service at mutually agreed terms of payment and are satisfied with it, pay the service provider and be at peace. If you do not pay the psychic service provider, the vibrations of unhappiness emanating from him may chase you and will make you unhappy too. The unpaid services or solutions provided by the psychic reader may work initially, but cease to fructify later on simply because you did not equalize and fulfill a spiritual service condition as per the law of karma by making a return payment. You must pay for whatever you get. If you do not pay now, you will have to pay later, if not in this birth, then in the next birth.

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