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Famous Indian Astrologers

Astrology in Indian owes its origin to ancient Vedas. There are many gurus of astrology in India, the sages and the saints who have mastered the ancient astrological scriptures but they loathe coming to lime light. Still there are many who have earned a great name and respect for their accurate astrological predictions.

Bejan Daruwala, a Parsi but a devotee of Ganesha, the Hindu god, is probably the world’s most famous astrologer known for his accurate predictions. He was born on July11, 1931 and has been a professor of English Literature. His articles and predictions are published in prominent newspapers and magazines worldwide.  Some of the newspapers which feature his writings include The Sunday Times of India, Telegraph, Dell Annual Horoscope. New York and Berkley Communications, London. He has been honored with “The Astrologer of the Millennium", award in absentia. Bejan Daruwala has been compared with Pete Sampras, the seven time Wimbledon champion for his acumen in astrology.

Indian Astrologers

Indian astrologers are very dedicated to astrology. To find out more about Indian Astrology from the greats please read about the individuals who are famous for astrology in India.

K Gopalakrishnan

K Gopalakrishnan,an astrologer of South India predicted the  occurrence of major  historical events such as the American war in Iraq and the end of the rule of Taliban in Afghanistan. He is the first tarot card reader in India and also a great scholar of Vedic astrology. He appears regularly on Jaya TV in south India. His predictions have been regularly featured in Indian Express, Star Teller and the Week. He has extensively lectured in Lion and Rotary clubs. Asia News International has also featured him for their columns in astrology.

Kamal Kapoor

An ardent devotee of Goddess Durga and Lord Ganesha, a qualified chartered accountant and a former general manager for finance in a top business organization, Kamal Kapoor has been making astrological predictions for nearly past two decades. He has studied and analyzed thousands of horoscopes and charts during this period. His faithful clients are scattered around the world and he has made accurate predictions in many spheres of life such as education, litigation, property disputes, health, travel, career and finance, marriage and romance and numerous other problems.. Kamal Kappor has mastered the science of astrology to the extent that he can calculate the exact date of birth of a person who has either forgotten or lost it. His calculations are based upon the circumstances of the seeker’s life.

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