Does He Love You?

Sick and tired of waiting for him to finally say that he loves you? Still unsure of whether he even does?

Take this small online test to help you gain a better idea of whether he loves you or not.

How often do you spend time together?
a. Daily, or as often as we can.
b. Every couple of days or so.
c. Occasionally, or it's hard to make time due to commitments.
d. Not often, or there is no set plan.

Does he ever compliment you?
a. Yes, all the time!
b. Often, or when he believes I deserve one.
c. After we've had a fight, or if he thinks he's in trouble.
d. Rarely, or only if I ask for one.
e. No.
Does he ever tell you he loves you? Or has he ever told you?
a. Never.
b. Yes, all the time.
c. Yes, but not very often.
d . No, but something tells me he wants to.
Does he act like he loves you?
a. Yes, all the time.
b. Sometimes, or it depends on his mood/ day.
c. No, not really.

What's his reaction when you tell him you love him?
a. He says thank you.
b. He either ignores me, or tries to change the subject.
c. He says "I love you" back.
d. I haven't told him yet.

After an argument, what does he do?
a. We've never had an argument.
b. Says sorry sometimes, but only if I do first.
c. He says he's sorry, regardless of whose fault it is.
d. Walks away, gets angry, or doesn't speak to me.

On special occasions, what does he do?
a. Takes you somewhere special/ romantic and spoils you, or gives you something from the heart.
b. Gives you a card, or a generic gift.
c. He doesn't really do anything, or he doesn't believe in it and/or showing affection.
How well do you truly know him?
a. Very well, he shares everything with me.
b. Well, but there are still some things I do not know.
c. A little bit, but nothing truly personal.
d. Not very well, random people probably know as much as I do.
Do you ever talk about the future together? Does he see you in that future?
a. Never, we're not that close.
b. Occasionally, but we usually talk about other things.
c. Yes, we talk about it constantly!
d. Not sure, he's never mentioned me in his future.

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