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Compatibility Scorpio and Sagittarius

The Scorpio-Sagittarius compatibility is a steamy combination of a water and fire sign. The sexual attraction, between them is undeniable but so is their battle for mental and emotional domination. What both signs bring to the table is pure passion but despite their own best interests, their combined willpower is enough to combust a small town. The trick is for both signs to open up to each other, respect and honor their boundaries and accept their differences. If they succeed, theirs is a wild, crazy and exhilarated love. Clearly, Scorpio and Sagittarius are both strong signs. They see each other as a constant source of adventure, a mystery to be solved and conquered. Theirs is a love-hate drama. Magnetism fills the waist down, but above the midsection is a combat zone, a display of intellectual weapons. These signs love to have the last word. To better understand the Scorpio-Sagittarius relationship, let's have a quick look at their planetary guides. Scorpio are ruled by Pluto and Mars and Sagittarius by Jupiter. Mars, the Planet of Passion, speaks of the power and confident expression. Pluto, the Planet of Power represents transformation, regeneration and rebirth. This planet is about mystery, anything which is hidden from plain view. Mars, when combined with Pluto, results to an energy which may be subtle, but its results will hit with a sudden, great impact. Jupiter, on the other hand is the Thinking-person's Planet. Success, accomplishments and prosperity are all within Jupiter's realm, exuding a masculine energy. From the above, it can be concluded that both Scorpio and Sagittarius prefer the dominant role, to call the shots. If these signs remain stubborn, they end up offending each other at every turn. Sag's sarcasm and Scorpio's acid-washed retorts will leave both of them wounded. Furthermore, Scorpio's possessiveness could suffocate the freedom loving Sagi. If this couple survive the test of time allowing trust to develop, Scorpio learn to let the rein loose allowing Sagi to make some kind of commitment as they remain fascinated by how expertly Scorpio handles things. Their difference of lifestyle is another issue that has to be resolved in the Scorpio-Sagittarius relationship. While the social butterfly Sagi love to be out and about, small-town Scorpio would much rather be at home, devising ways on how to direct their lives. When they argue, Scorpio hide their true emotions while Sagittarius lay their soul bare. Patience is not a strong suite of Sagi so they may well decide to move on to a more straightforward partner. Sexual intensity is a powerful force which surrounds the Scorpio-Sagittarius compatibility, but it isn't enough to sustain it over the longer term. In order for this relationship to work, it has to have a deeper substance, which builds understanding and acceptance. Despite of how private these signs are, especially Scorpio, they have to be more open and honest. Of course, this takes some amount of vulnerability, but as they gradually open their heart on a personal level the other will reciprocate. At its best, this relationship is always on the go. They can multi-task like pros. Scorpio can be stubborn and demanding but their passion to get everything finished leads Sagittarius' ideas fruition. When Scorpio get too indulge at work, Sagi come around with their humour and knack for flexibility which make the job seem easier and fun. Communication is essential for a Scorpio-Sagittarius couple to survive. Second guessing their partner's thoughts and feelings can lead to misunderstandings. Learning to ask questions and being a good listener is a trait that Sagi must learn, while share oneself is a challenge that Scorpio must pass. The later must realize that telling their partner Sagi something personal makes them more human and real and builds a closer bond. If an issue arises, talk about it but not when angry. Anger makes people blind, blaming and criticizing. So when the tides are low, this couple must make a time to discuss issues and how they feel toward each other. For best results, both Scorpio and Sagi must grant each other their own space and never cross the line of demarcation. They need to bear in mind that they are two different individuals. By having an independent life, each partner becomes more interesting and fulfilled as a person. Finally, keep the passion on fire. Remain naked at all times!


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