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Compatibility Scorpio and Aquarius

The Scorpio-Aquarius compatibility is a strange combination of intense, seductive and ambitious Scorpio and a sociable and emotionally unattached Aquarius. They have different values and interest and can be a power couple when it comes to business and friendship, but a lot needs to be worked on when it comes to love.

Oddly, living on completely different planes is what turns this couple on. Scorpio are clothed with layers of mystery and complexity and being baffled leaves Aquarius nicely puzzled. Scorpio, on the other hand welcome the challenge of digging into the cold-souled Aquarius while keeping their nomadic tendencies under control. They tease and pierce each other's brains setting off a sexual dynamite. What also makes this tandem unusually fascinating is their different methods of expressing their emotions, which is actually interesting to both of them. Scorpio feel every drop of emotion, while Aquarius remain cool and distant. However, this could could bring frustrating moments, too (far more than the fun it brings). The tendency to go extremes, from optimum giddiness to an unreachable shutdown is undeniable. The outgoingness of Aquarius pricks Scorpio's insecurities breaking the trust that the Scorpion needs. A lot of times, the social butterfly Water-Bearer, Aquarius are so engrossed with their vision that they may not be emotional enough for Scorpio. Compromise over the couple's social life is certainly necessary for their relationship to flourish.

Both Scorpio and Aquarius are fixed signs, which means that they move patiently and steadily toward their goals. On good days, they can combine their strengths and could go far. Aquarius are creative and quick-witted people. They are philosophers and visionary souls who want to make the world a better place. Their sign of the Water-Bearer is a clear representation of how they want to bring forth their thoughts and views to this world. The instinctive Scorpio, on the other hand reign in the field of research and details. They can be extremely passionate and strategic. Nothing misses the clever eye of a Scorpion. They can charm almost all people with their magnetic and intelligent personality. So with whatever project they both agree on, as long as they direct their energy outwards and not towards each other, it's going to be a hit.

On not so good days, we're looking at a very stubborn couple. They compete for the spotlights; always wanting to have the last say. Rule number one: don't compete, instead be each other's fans and champions.

The key to the success of the Scorpio-Aquarius compatibility is to learn to adapt. Scorpio must use their empathetic self to understand that their Water-Bearer partner is and will always be a social butterfly. They need space to let their wings spread. They must learn to take Aquarius' tough love, not as being cold-hearted or snob but as a sign of passion. Nomad Aquarius, on the other hand should assent to a more stable life that Scorpio offers. Since their partner is highly emotional, they can assure them by touch. All Scorpio want is a partner whom they can trust. Aquarius just have to extend some effort, sing some reassurance and sometimes flatter.

Once true love comes to view, it can be a beautiful balance of action and emotion. Scorpio can help Aquarius put their progressive plans into action, while Aquarius can help Scorpio lighten up and enjoy the brighter side of life. It can be a lot of work, but these are two very passionate signs. If they want something, they'll make it happen.


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