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Compatibility Sagittarius and Pisces

Will the brash, insensitive and adventurous Sagittarius have a happy ending with the tender-hearted, gentle Pisces? That depends on how careful each sign handle their partner.

What we have here is a strange combination of a Water sign (Pisces), who is super romantic and crave deep affection and an independent Fire sign (Sagi), who feel uncomfortable with too much cheesiness. The challenge is for each of these signs to balance their innate characteristics to pave way for their partner's needs. Fortunately for the Sagittarius-Pisces compatibility, they are both mutable signs. This means that they are adaptable and flexible and can change their form of expression to whatever a situation requires. To their further credit, they are sharp, sympathetic and have a desire to please everyone. The best thing about their relationship is the optimism they both share. They are both ruled by Jupiter, the planet of knowledge, so they operate at the same speed. They are both fascinated by the unknown. Jupiter advocates the search for the answers, and if it means travelling the globe to find them, then so be it. Sagi and Pisces can truly learn a lot from each other for however long they are together.

The bedroom environment of a water sign and a fire sign is usually hot. Mixing fire and water will produce steam. There will be a lot of fun, laughter and creativity. Romantic Pisces are excited by the passion Sagi brings to the table; while adventurous Sagi, in turn, are intrigued by the tempestuous Pisces and will be quickly challenged to figure him/her out.

The biggest difference between Sagi and Pisces lies on the value they put on emotions. Pisces give high value on feelings, sentiments and instinct, which Sagi don't often understand. Since Pisces rule fantasy, they demand deep emotional bonding. Sagi, on the other hand rule adventure; they love to have a lot of options when it comes to relationships which could result to a jealous Pisces partner. These signs’ communication styles don't gel together either. Sagi are honest to the point of being tactless. They have no problem dishing out the truth as well as unsolicited advices. Meanwhile, though weeping, Pisces take on the passive aggressive stance. They tend to escape to their fantasy world instead of facing the conflict.

It won't be easy for the Sagi-Pisces compatibility to propel themselves forward because of their very different ways of handling a problem. Sagi are always direct and to the point, whereas Pisces can be evasive, hiding from the truth. Once true love develops, they will have to work hard and adopt a give and take agreement to overcome a lot of frustrations.

The key to keeping this relationship alive is to keep them fascinated with each other by means of constant movement and changes of scenery. For as long as life is tinged with magic, they are happy. When things get routine, sprinkle it up with spontaneity and impulsivity. Nothings beats impromptu vacations, surprise gifts and spur-of-the-moment plans.




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