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Compatibility Sagittarius and Capricorn


The Sagittarius-Capricorn compatibility is an unlikely match, but with a little effort from both sides, this can turn into a fun and successful relationship. The future for this couple lies in their ability to combine their strengths. Sagis are joyful, optimistic and happy, outgoing souls. They are visionaries who look at the world with pink-coloured glasses. Caps are strategists, builders and realists. They are traditional individuals and know for a fact that their rational mind won't fail them. The challenge is for these two find a way to compromise. The Master Strategist Cap can teach Sagi the benefits of working out the details in advance, while Sagi can introduce Cap to the world of fun and taking risks instead of always playing it safe. This boils down to much much this couple love and trust each other.

Their ruling planets are to be blamed for the differences that surround Sagittarius and Capricorn. Sagis are ruled by Jupiter, the Planet of Luck. This is a bountiful, joyful and generous planet which inspires Sagi's sense of optimism. Capricorn, on the other hand are ruled by Saturn, the Planet of Karma, also known as the taskmaster of the zodiac. Discipline and responsibility are important to Cap. This gives Cap a senior status which further brings with it a measure of authority. So basically, we have a happy-go-lucky, hippy Sagi and a serious, prim and proper Cap. Fortunately for the Capricorn- Sagittarius compatibility, they have a funny way to address the demands of adaptation. Their differences make them more interested in each other with genuine curiosity and Sagis are always adventurous. They are both smart enough and aware of their differences, which showers their partnership with enthusiasm and eagerness.

The main problems that the Sagittarius-Capricorn compatibility need to watch out for involve the battle between the conventional and the rebellious, as well as handling finances. Being the adventurous one, Sagis will do things differently just for the sake of being different. Meanwhile, realistic, formal Caps know that there is time for everything, that structure is necessary to achieve their life goals. At the end of the day, when faced with difficulties and Sagis lapse into denial (still with their pink-colored glasses on), while Caps hold a graceful acceptance of the facts and already mapping a plan of action. Also while Caps spend a lifetime securing financial stability, their Sagi partner indulges in reckless spending. These are very real issues that could mean the downfall of this partnership.

If there's one that that can gel these two signs, that is the value of intelligence. Jupiter is the guardian of the abstract mind and rules higher learning. It bestows upon Sagi their hunger for exploring ideas, both intellectually and spiritually. Saturn, who applauds perseverance inspires Capricorn to be the logical continuance of Sagittarius. Once they realize the value of their incredible teamwork, they can assist each other in their life purposes. While one values freedom and creativity, the other one values focus, realistic thinking and responsibility. They may not openly admit it, but deep inside they secretly admire each other. Sagis secretly admire Cap’s wisdom and patience. Sagi come as a surprise to Capricorn; they are a constant supplier of passion. This makes Cap realize that there's more to life than existing, but living.

In a nutshell, the Sagittarius-Capricorn compatibility is not an ideal relationship, however their understanding and acceptance of their differences is very refreshing. In the long haul, Cap must be more open to spur-of-the-moment activities, while Sagi take time to consider practical options before jumping off the cliff.




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