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Compatibility Pisces and Scorpio

Scorpio and Pisces share the same Water element. Like water, these two signs have fluid, wavering descriptions. Thus, they are both intuitive and sensitive, and they feel more intensely than other compatibilities. They both love romance, drama and music. They both know what it is like to be overwhelmed by feelings. Because of their intense emotions, both partners also need an occasional time off. Fortunately, Pisces and Scorpio are blessed with a mutual understanding which makes them understand each other's need for solitude. While Scorpio get their secretive time, Pisces escape into their fantasyland.

There's no way of questioning this couple's sexual chemistry. Passionate Scorpio and romantic Pisces indulge each other's sexual needs and desires. They are passionately, intoxicatingly in love and just simply clicks in bed. Neither of these signs are in it for their own selfish desires or needs. They both want their lover to feel good as well. Generally speaking, Pisces and Scorpio are comfortable with one another but not too comfortable. Especially with Scorpio, they maintain a certain spark of mystery which impresses the equally creative Pisces.

Not only are Pisces and Scorpio compatible romantically but also in matters surrounding home and business. Scorpio is a Fixed Sign, and Pisces is a Mutable Sign. Self-reliance is Scorpio's middle name. They are powerful, yet purposeful. They invest their energy into one project at a time, patiently and steadily working toward a goal. Contradictingly, standing their ground is of little importance to Pisces who tend to skip around to wherever their feelings take them. Luckily, Pisces are versatile and find it quite easy to change. While Scorpio won’t budge from their life’s purpose, Pisces mold easily into their Scorpio lover’s desires. To their further credit, Pisces are sharp and can see the essential elements of a situation. Additionally, being the versatile and open-minded one, Pisces can prove Scorpio that flexibility is not a liability but rather an asset when used accordingly, that compromise can be reached without having to go through a series of drama. With Scorpio's Fixed characteristic leading the way and Pisces' strong intuition, they can be a powerful duo to beat- with Scorpio as the leader and Pisces, the follower.

However ideal the Scorpio-Pisces compatibility seem to be, it's not immune to the turbulence of conflicts and misunderstandings. Scorpio tend to be all-controlling, but Pisces are elusive souls. They can’t be forced to make a decision or carry out a promise. Once Scorpio reek of jealousy, Pisces can be suffocated. The dreamy Pisces might also find it hard to cope with the dark side of Scorpio lover. When power struggles, revenge and scheming are on the Scorpion's agenda, the gentle Fish can't swim along with all the negativity.

Secrecy is another factor that comes into play in the destruction of the Scorpio-Pisces compatibility. Being both melodramatic, emotional withdrawal is a defense mechanism they have developed through the years to protect themselves. However, this tactic could backfire if used against each other. It may happen that one partner is afraid of rejection and decides to retreat than risk approach. The other partner can then easily feel rejected. Even though they appear calm and intact, inside they are like kids having tantrums. Either that or a display of anger because of wounded egos. If this happens, both Pisces and Scorpio have to work to address their own needs. They have to learn to catch a bad mood when it starts and process the feelings instead of lashing out. These signs need to use their intuition to sense if their partner makes a bid for attention or freedom and work to respond in a way that is accepting rather than rejecting.

Overall, the Scorpio-Pisces compatibility is a highly positive match, and potentially one of the strongest relationships of all. Trust is a big issue for Scorpio, and Pisces can be easily abused, too. Yet, both signs want the same thing: someone they can have belief and faith on. What each sign needs is to make an effort to embody in character and action that which they want to see in their partner. No pointing fingers this time; just plain giving before getting. Once they get past the hard moments of life, one could expect a couple who is fiercely loyal to one another and protective of the magic they have created together.




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