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Compatibility Capricorn and Leo

The Leo-Capricorn compatibility is a picture of a love-hate relationship. They're insatiably attracted with each other but they could hurt each other with a series of misunderstandings and battle of egos. Initial impression is that this partnership is an unlikely pair. What keeps it bonded is the innate devotion these signs have to each other. When true love comes to play, devotion turns to understanding, which evolves into compromise.

To understand the Leo and Capricorn compatibility, it helps to consider the elements and the ruling planets of the two zodiac signs. Leo, the Lion consider themselves great leaders. They have a flashy personality which can at times be very consuming and irritable to the conservative Capricorn. The Lion carry with them a Fire sign. They are fierce souls who believe that nothing can't be achieved by sheer willpower; they can't take no for an answer. Further explaining Leo's warmth is the fact that they are ruled by the Sun, the Illuminator. The Sun also represents the ego which explains why the Lion have a forceful, authoritative personality. In the core-being of Leo is their desire to manifest themselves in the world.

Capricorn, the Sea-Goat belong to the Earth sign family. They are grounded on their beliefs, traditions and approach. Saturn, the Taskmaster, their ruling planet doesn't make things easy either. Discipline and responsibility are important to this planet. Cap are equally ambitious and determined as Leo but they rarely look outside of the box for options. They approach life slowly but surely, considering all angles before they make the first move knowing that restrictions and delays can happen at any time. In contrast, Leo are fast decision makers. Their blazing personality and larger than life persona give them an undying belief in their capacity to make things work. They are enveloped by raw, impulsive personality. The different pacing of these signs can make the relationship rocky, unless they find a way to meet in between.

During bad days, the Sea-Goat scoffs at Leo's dreams, and the Lion sets out to prove Cap wrong. The Sea-goat are used to giving orders and making sure that their plans are well-implemented. Being bossed around, however, is not a strong-suit of the brash Lion. Being the King/Queen of the jungle is the Lion's turf. They will defend the throne at any cost. If these signs can't find a way to share the throne, having two leaders will burn the Leo-Capricorn compatibility to the ground.

What keeps this relationship going is their shared devotion to each other, but it's not an easy state for the Leo and Capricorn to achieve. For Capricorn, love is all about mutual respect and dedication. Their love is hard-won, while Leo immediately jumps to in. The Lion have the tendency to mistake Capricorn's physical attraction for love, while the Goat could shudder at Leo's boastful personality. Given time and patience exerted by both parties, especially Leo, they can inspire each other to be a better version of themselves. Leo can get Cap to believe in themselves, try to lighten up a little and have fun. Cap on the other hand, can provide direction to Leo's passions. They can teach the impulsive Lion to perform due diligence and assume nothing.

Differences between Leo and Capricorn are undeniable, however there are also similarities which can be topped to make this relationship work. For starters, both Lion and Sea-Goat are leaders; they seek power and status in their own ways. When true love happens, Leo learn to appreciate Cap's practicality and sense of strategy, while Cap gain confidence and flexibility from Leo's fearless personality. Additionally, both the Lion and Sea-goat can be stubborn, opinionated and ambitious. Individually, they tend to persevere when working toward their goals. Together, once they agree that they are good for each other, they can be a power couple.




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