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Compatibility Capricorn and Capricorn


Capricorns are usually the serious type, but not all the time. As Earth signs, Capricorns gravitate towards working on a goal and never letting giving up until finished. They are highly committed to their dreams, goals, and their loved ones. But this also means they don't commit immediately. They take their time in knowing what they're getting into first. They don't want to be tied to something/someone they'll end up regretting in the future.  They tend to love very deeply.

A Capricorn - Capricorn relationship is a serious soul connection. Both being fans of earthy things and ambitions, this couple will be ready to infuse their relationship with anything that relates to mutual exchange/goal -- a business or even marriage. Because of the hardworking nature of Capricorns, they tend to focus their energies in manifesting anything tangible like money and other resources. Expect this relationship to yield wealth and material things. But with a hard working attitude comes the possibility of overlooking recreation and setting aside relaxation. This couple can take up too many hours for work instead also working on their relationship. The key to surviving this seemingly "boring" setup is allowing others to intervene and fill up the gaps. It will always be fun to be around friends and other loved ones without compromising your bond with your partner. Never allow yourself to blame your Capricorn partner if he tends or if both of your tend to be serious and lacking fun. Trust in your ability to find resourceful ideas to spice things up!

Social status is an important element for this love combo. Prestige is a value for Capricorns in love. Anything that adds up to their status and value in the social hierarchy would allow the couple to feel that they are with the right persons. But to an extent being surrounded with material things can sometimes put a strain on a Capricorn - Capricorn relationship. Be careful not to let the external aspects of your relationship define your affection for each other. Ask yourself if you're still in love with your fellow Capricorn if you take away the money and resources aside. This can be a challenging but revealing task for Capricorns in love.

This love combo can be harmonious and steady for the most part. But in some instances, both Capricorns can feel a little bit overwhelmed with issues related to "who should be followed." As cardinal signs, both may want to lead. Who should lead if both want to assume the same role? The answer is simple but never easy to implement. In this type of relationship, one has to give way and allow oneself to trust the other's intuitions. After all, Capricorns are smart and intuitive and are able to navigate through anything with both their minds and hearts. Trust your fellow Capricorn love interest to lead your relationship and enjoy the feeling of being taken cared of by a loving grounded man/woman.  

Overall this relationship is strong and stable. Both parties are willing to work hard to settle differences and conflicts. Although the need for fun and recreation is not always acknowledged by both, it would help to spice up the relationship sometimes. Both Capricorns may need to find recreation from their valuables. Friends and nurturing environments can also keep the relationship exciting. Just remember never to blame the other for being "boring" and too uptight. Being accustomed to this default behavior, it would be difficult for Capricorns to adjust immediately. Always remember that being in love with a Capricorn is a deliberate choice to stay of out less serious and short term relationships. If you choose to love a Capricorn, it means you're ready to commit BIG TIME!




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