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Compatibility Capricorn and Aquarius


A combination of an air and an earth sign has always been a little difficult than most love pairs. Although if successful, this combination will be very promising.

Capricorn and Aquarius are opposites. Capricorns love traditions and conservative values while Aquarians love freedom and contemporary thinking. Capricorns and Aquarians do not agree in terms of ideals. This could be a source of conflict between the two.

As Aquarians go through life, they may realize the need for persons who would keep them grounded. Capricorns can fulfil this role in their lives. In return, Capricorns also learn how to adapt and be spontaneous like Aquarians. This relationship is meant to bring lessons for both signs, filled with valuable insights about the signs' difference and fears.

Both signs are known as silent intellects. They have an unspoken mutual agreement and respect for each others' talents. They have a relationship that is ruled by the mind. This relationship usually starts with a friendship that later on grows into an intimate relationship.

As the two signs grow fond of each other, Aquarius may find it stifling to be around Capricorn. Over time, Aquarius may develop discomfort over Capricorn's rules. Since Aquarius doesn't play by conservative values, he/she may try to go against Capricorn's decisions. Capricorn would be left clueless and may never understand why Aquarius does so. Love and understanding towards each other will keep this conflict at bay. Both signs should tread carefully and keep an open mind about their differences. As they choose to fight for their relationship, both may find themselves slowly accepting their opposite natures. After all, a love between opposites still has a chance!

Aquarius and Capricorn are very straightforward individuals. They don't want to listen to long and indirect messages. They shut their ears right away and think of a way to evade or fight. When an Aquarius loves a Capricorn, talking to each other would be like talking to your most honest friend, someone who would allow you to be your most genuine self. This could be good for both signs. But sometimes, this can bring chaotic fights and unrecognized feelings of resentment. A wise advice: Be careful in pointing out each others' mistakes. Assess the situation first and don't jump right to it before telling your most honest thoughts. There's a need for this couple to suppress their urge in "telling it like it is" when necessary, especially Capricorn with their tendency to be strict and conventional. When they allow understanding and trust to lead their words, they will appreciate honest opinions that are delivered in a kind loving way. Sometimes, too much honesty can be misconstrued as being too critical. Finding the balance is the real challenge here.

Overall, an Aquarius-Capricorn combo is going to be an exciting relationship. When an Air sign loves an Earth, expect passion and movement, even explosive conflicts. The key to making this work is planning and not planning. They need to use the element of surprise to keep the relationship unsteady in a good way. Each partner has to make an effort to allow their young hearts to play and keep things mysterious and ridiculously cute. Also, it is important for them to find time to diversify their activities by adding soul to their light hearted conversations. A few more words for the Aquarius-Capricorn couples out there: Make it a point to talk about life, your dreams, your fears, and even embarrassing pleasures with each other. Your partner will appreciate your effort in bringing variety and purpose to your relationship.  




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