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Astrology and the Universal Mind

Astrology is the science of assessing the planetary influence in shaping the personality and the nature of a person at the time of his/ birth. Astrology and the Universal MindThereafter the person acts according to his nature and reaps the consequences of his actions, which determine his future. It means that the person determines his future through the implementation of his thoughts into actions. Going by this logic, astrology also predicts the future of the person.

Now the question arises what makes a person think and act the way he does? Is he solely responsible for his thoughts and actions? Or, there is some other power that influences his way of thinking and acting.

The fact is that human thinking is influenced by the world in which he/she lives. The world around him is brimming with a number of ideas. It is for the individual to choose what idea he thinks is best for him.

The process of accumulation, the interaction and the formation of the ideas across the world leads to the concept of the Universal Mind. This is the sources from which all these ideas emanate and influence the thinking of the individuals. In the philosophical sense, the Universal Mind is the sum of all things, all energies- subtle and gross- that influence the human thinking.

This takes to another natural corollary: when you think that the particular idea is ‘yours’, it is actually an individualized expression of the Universal Mind or Consciousness. Since you yourself have ‘individualized’ the expression of the Universal Mind with your Free Will, it obviously follows that you assume the responsibility of interpretation or expression of the idea, which you, in turn, implement into actions that determine your future. And your future is what the astrology studies. This immensely infinite diversity of thoughts and ideas that constitute one Universal Mind or Consciousness exemplifies what is known as unity in diversity. This proves the vital relationship between the Astrology and the Universal Mind.


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