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What is Astrologie?


Astrology or Astrologie is a branch of science that deals with the movement of the planets and the patterns in which a better kind of energy is exuded. The more in tune the energy the brighter your future is. The sun, being the star, where all of the planets revolve around, also plays a vital role in defining the courses of your personality and the fate that awaits you.


With the topic of astrology in mind when going through your everyday routine you will be filled with thoughts regarding which planets are aligning today or if things are going to work well. It is because to fully understand how these planets and their energies affect you, you must be able to get yourself a hold of a natal or birth chart. A birth chart consists of planet arrangements. In this chart you will be able to find how the planets were arranged on the day that you were born and what kind of energy was being conveyed. On the same chart you will be provided with basics of your personality, the gifts you are about to receive in the near future and you’re lucky days and color.

The sun plays an important role in the chart as well for it is when the sun is rising or falling will you be able to see the two different sides of your personality. These are representations of what you are like or what the people who are born on your birthday are like. To test its accuracy what you can do is go over the list and observe a few of your friends and family members. With the use of the natal chart, you can scan through their birthdays and the descriptions that they come along with. Watch your friends or family members in order to find out if the personality written on the chart comes into any comparison at all. It is actually quite fun when you find out that there is a similarity. And soon enough, astrology will become a hobby.

In terms mainly focusing on the planets and the stars as a basis for fate, love and individuality is quite interesting. It leaves so much room for possibilities, but at the same time limits your expectations and choices. These observations have existed many years before and have been quite a popular find, especially to the ladies side of the demographic. Astrologie has become something to be considered seriously solely because of its unique take on the ways of the world.

Astrologie’s take on love is something that is definitely simple, but simultaneously complicated. The thing is love is easy. When you find someone you are interested in then you talk to that person and create a conversation that sooner or later will turn into dinner dates. Then a relationship ensues, a possible future, maybe marriage, who knows? That is how the whole thing works outside of astrologie. Now, within the barriers of astrology so much has to be considered before even beginning a decent relationship with the person that you have set your eyes on. There are star signs, zodiac signs, and planet alignment, all of these things just so you can find out your compatibility level.

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