Are You Perfect For Each Other?

Compatibility is the ultimate requisite for a harmonious and conflict-free relationship. Answer this compatibility test to get valuable insights and determine whether or not your personalities click or clash:

How would you best and accurately describe your personality?
a. Intelligent, dedicated and hard working.
b. Organised, perfectionist and plans everything to the tee.
c. Spontaneous, worry-free, fun-loving.

What do you do if you hear your ex's favourite song playing?
a. Diligent, committed, smart.
b. Systematic, structured and serious about everything.
c. Scatter-brained, wild and care-free.

If you buy your partner a surprise present, you:
a. Have no idea what to give them. Their choices are definitely different from yours.
b. Pick up the perfect present without sweat. You just know your partner inside and out because you share the same likes and interests.
c. Get him/her something which you know they want but it’s not your thing for sure.

During family holidays, what is the usual setup between you two?
a. It’s not possible to go to their family or their's going to yours. Your family basically clashes and it’s going to spoil your holidays together.
b. You just invite both your families over to your place. The family bond is perfect and you both love entertaining guests for the holidays.
c. You divide your time and set a schedule when to go to their and your family to celebrate the occasion.

You fight over:
a. Very petty and little things. You seem not to agree on even a very simple topic because you two are obviously from different worlds.
b.You don’t really remember the last time you fight. You get along perfectly well. Everything is harmoniously in its place because it seems you two have a single soul in two different bodies.
c. Selected topics every once in a while. You may disagree about some things but you also find ways to compromise and solve the differences.

Do you basically have the same likes and dislikes from the simplest topics to major and life changing subjects?
a. None at all. Your perspectives, likes and dislikes are totally different and opposite. You could not even agree on the same music genre or the brand of toothpaste to buy and use.
b. Agree in all terms! You have the perfect mate because you agree on almost everything from the pettiest stuffs to major religious beliefs and political views.
c. Mostly. There is stuff you agree upon and others that you don’t see each other eye to eye.

Are your friends envious of your relationship?
a. Never! You are actually the ones envying your friends because of their perfect and no-fight relationship.
b. All the time! Your friends tell you over and over again that you have found your perfect match and hope they would too with somebody. Just exactly the way you two are.
c. Not quite, but most of them compliment how you two could work your differences out and compromise in the end.

How do you decide what restaurant to choose on your next date?
a. You need to spend hours of arguing first before you finally decide what to do. At the end of the day, you just opted for a drive-thru because you just can’t agree on the same restaurant.
b. You love the same restaurant and food. If you decide to have a date, there’s no need to talk about it because you know exactly where to go.
c. You just decide to alternately pick the restaurant for your date. You cannot agree so better compromise than ruin your time together.

Do you agree that men are from Mars and women are from Venus?
a. Yes definitely!  Men and women could never exist and based on your experience, you just live in two different worlds. No doubt about it!
b. Of course not! You go perfectly well with your partner. Your relationship is spotless and you just cannot remember the last time you argued. You are 100% sure you have found your soul mate.
c. Not quite. There are times you argue about some things but you still find the way to compromise and avoid conflicts. Hence, for you men and women could definitely become co-habitants.

While you answer this compatibility test, are you confident that you are truly compatible with your mate?
a. Not at all even from question number 1. Every question leads you higher up the incompatibility scale.
b. More than confident! You could even finish each other’s sentences.
c. Not really sure about it.

Compatibility tests are the best screening tools to find out if you are with the right person or not. Clashes and fights could really ruin a great relationship and you need to be compatible to have a solid foundation. There are times you may not share the same interests but you know in your heart that your partner is a keeper. In this case, be ready to know and master the art of compromise.

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