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30 March 2014 - 05 April 2014

iconAt home there seem to be so many little problems and conflicts. It happens in the best families. It will keep you busy while you prefer to focus your attention on a relationship outside of your family. Share your ideas with others and work on them. Connect with a group where you can develop your organisation skills. You have to do something with your creativity. Friends admire your fit appearance but don’t let that one person take advantage of it. Mobilise your positive energy by walking firmly for half an hour every day.

06 April 2014 - 12 April 2014

iconYou are a colourful butterfly and you have a hard time getting attached to someone. It’s hard to choose and once you’ve made a choice you want something different. Your talent of flirting causes that. It’s important to focus on financial issues this week. You do this usually but right now it’s very important to check all the details and to discover what’s the catch. Most people gain weight because of sugar that is transformed to fat. Skip on the sodas when it becomes warmer but choose some water with natural flavours.

13 April 2014 - 19 April 2014

icon You prefer to spend time in his/her loving arms? Of course you do but your partner seems to be a butterfly at the moment. Does (s)he really need love or is (s)he just there for sex? Talk about it and create some clarity. This is the best time to sort things out. Are you running behind on something? Catch up now. Don’t feel like it? Do it anyways because it will make things a lot easier. Hot herbal compresses and warm showers will stimulate your digestion. It will make you feel so much better.

20 April 2014 - 26 April 2014

icon Be careful with what you are saying. Everything seems to go a bit too fast this weekend. Hit the brakes. Throwing everything out will create tension and misunderstandings and you can prevent this by controlling yourself. the next week you have to pinch your pennies so you don’t get into any financial troubles. You have less to spend so be a bit frugal. Your partner thinks it’s nonsense but it’s easy for him/her to talk. Don’t be so rebellious because you won’t gain anything from it. If you are a little more tactful and diplomatic you will get what you want. The excitement is bad for your heart and nerves.

27 April 2014 - 03 May 2014

icon It could be a very romantic and exciting week for you, Pisces. If you’ve recently met someone you could feel a bit insecure but the other person feels the same way. Don’t give each other a hard time. If you can no longer see the trees through the financial forest it’s time to make some decisions. Follow your intuition because it tells you exactly what is going on. Make plans to do some nice and pleasant things together. If you challenge each other a little bit you will come to performances you would never dared to dream of. Don’t exaggerate. Listen to your body.


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December 2013 Horoscopes

01 - 07 December 2013

iconLove and social events will rule your life between the 3rd and the 6th. You’ll have to deal with delays though. Try to be patient enough and not let this get to you. Meetings and appointments might be postponed or even cancelled. You might have to wait longer for something to happen. Just accept it, Pisces. There is nothing you do about it. Take a deep breath and relax. 

08 - 14 December 2013

icon Around the 11th passion will flare up and you’ll feel sexy and attractive. The days at the beginning of the week are good to come up with a solution for a family issue. A male co-worker could have a big influence on your career and finances. You need to distract yourself if you are waiting for something because it might be delayed. Don’t force anything. Have some good fun with friends during the weekend.

15 - 21 December 2013

icon You will have to make some decisions concerning work and/or love this week. You don’t know how to handle the feeling that you’ve grown a little bit tired of someone. Take some time to look at yourself and do some soul searching. Exchange some ideas with other people, Pisces. You are close to a very influential person and you should accept his/her support on something. This could have big consequences for your future.

22 - 28 December 2013

iconYou will need to make some decisions concerning love and relationships. You will be very charming, Pisces. You grab every opportunity that comes your way with both hands. You take a lot more initiative than usual as well. It’s important that you realize your worth. You can show the world what you have to and what you expect from other people. It’s going to be a fun and interesting week. Love is all around.

29 December 2013 - 04 January 2014

icon You like to be right, Pisces and other people don’t always appreciate that. You want everything and you want it right now. You want variety and admiration. Hopefully you are fit and healthy if you have a fight to settle. The question is: will you win the war? Don’t spend money like it’s water or bluff about something. Don’t end things before they have really started or you might regret it later on.



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