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30 March 2014 - 05 April 2014

iconMake sure you hug enough. That helps. Keep your mind at it though even when your thoughts keep wandering. Love has to come from both sides. Someone wants to offer you some good advice but are his/her intentions completely honest? In the second half of the week the sun will be shining for your bank account as well. You are heading straight for your goal. You know what you want and you go for it. That brings you results but you still aren’t completely fit then. What is bothering you? There is more than enough to do and go to.

06 April 2014 - 12 April 2014

iconBuilding up and maintaining a relationship isn’t a big challenge for you. you will slowly discover that someone cherishes special feelings for you. Don’t ignore that. You have the courage to love money and this forces happiness. If you love it too much though it could ruin you so choose the middle path and become a winner. You love seeing things grow in the soil. Your mood will be influenced in a positive way by working outdoors, gardening and being active.

13 April 2014 - 19 April 2014

icon Your partner has a lot on his/her mind this week so don’t expect too much. Give him/her some space and (s)he’ll show how much (s)he appreciates it in an appropriate way. Some self-control when it comes to spending money is desired. Your wardrobe doesn’t need another addition because you can perfectly combine everything that’s already there. Make sure you get some time to catch your breath after the unnerving period you went through. You shouldn’t stress right now. Sleep in a little, don’t exhaust yourself and you’ll be back on your feet in no time.

20 April 2014 - 26 April 2014

icon You keep your head cool even though you’ve lost the right track concerning love for a bit. You will meet someone who holds a mirror for you. Don’t be smug and pass it but take it seriously. Join a club or an association. You will be noticed because of your talents. You will get the recognition you are looking for. That could give you some contacts with financial potential. Get rid of something that is bothering you and start all over again. If you don’t you’ll get stuck in a swamp and you just want to move on forward. Empty your head by making a big effort.

27 April 2014 - 03 May 2014

icon You might have gotten too attached to someone and that’s suffocating for the both of you. You actually find it annoying to be so dependent because of that love sickness. It’s too costly to impress with expensive things. Analyse your spending habits. Take a look at what you buy and draw your conclusions. You can’t buy a personality. You have more than enough from that already. It’s useless to get carried away in a whirlwind of emotions. Hold onto something and take your time to heal. That’s better than pushing the limits because you will surely make mistakes.


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December 2013 Horoscopes

01 - 07 December 2013

icon There are some things you just can’t control. The most important thing is that you accept that and don’t worry about it. Don’t let negative thoughts take over and cloud your judgment. Do something that makes you happy, Aquarius. Make sure you distract yourself. Financially things are looking good. You might settle a legal issue or get rid of a debt.       

08 - 14 December 2013

icon Put structure in everything you do, Aquarius and be persuasive. It’s important for your career that you are confident and you show it. Believe in yourself and have faith in the people around you. Discuss your future and see where you are at this time in your life. You are willing to give it all you’ve got. Some positive things are coming your way. Make sure you are clear about everything and avoid misunderstandings.

15 - 21 December 2013

icon You don’t feel like just accepting everything. You don’t have to make everyone happy. Don’t be afraid to say no once in a while. You easily speak in public and this makes you feel great. It might feel as if someone has got something against you. You have to discuss your feelings. Don’t fret over the details. Your family and your partner are on the top of your priority list. 

22 - 28 December 2013

icon At certain times this week you could be really frustrated. Don’t just talk about things, do them. It seems as if your partner sabotages everything you do. Is that really the case? Your relationship needs some work, Aquarius. From Wednesday on things will become more peaceful in your personal life. The mood will lighten up and you’ll smile more often. At work everything is working out well. You are looking for independence this week and that’s wonderful. Don’t exaggerate it though.

29 December 2013 - 04 January 2014

icon You want to have fun and cooperate as a team in a pleasant way. You know how to take advantage of the opportunities that cross your path and you would like to give someone a gift. Those things will matter this week, Aquarius. You won’t lack any energy, that’s for sure. Results or where it all leads to in the end won’t really matter to you this week. You are going to have a very pleasant start of the new year. Isn’t that just perfect?



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