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Research has shown that new mothers are prone to suffer from postnatal depression during their first year. Even with a debriefing session for the new mothers, it still does not reduce depression rates or the length of it. Instead conudcting these sessions may just heighten their focus on what they have experienced, more than they should.

In general, women see the giving birth of a child as something really painful. Hence, they would be traumatized by it and in the process, they would be more likely to suffer from psychological disorders like depression and post-traumatic stress syndrome, after going through with the delivery.

As a new mother suffers from depression, this would indirectly affect her newborn too. This is because; it is the period where a mother bonds with her new baby. It may lead to major health implications.


Instead of holding debriefing sessions, longer-term screening, like those delivered to emergency service workers and disaster victims should be used. This would hopefully ease up on the depression rates among new mothers. It is important to be prepared for pending motherhood by becoming aware of the need to stimulate the mind while performing the seemingly endless mundane tasks of caring for a newborn baby. There is then the need to create a network of housebound mothers to support each other, also to create newness within the self so as to feel a sense of change and stimulation. We can do this by getting involved in activities that can be done in a group at home. For instance a group of friends can gather at someone's home and borrow a book or a video on yoga, meditation, relaxation therapy or any other healing activity.

Most importantly, it is about accepting the challenges that come along and to be content with the difficulties. Because a little baby constantly needs love, nurturing and maintenance. And because a baby cannot say thank you, we may be out of tune with their appreciative feelings. So we need to constantly calm our minds, will yourself to relax, breathe in peace, breathe out stress. Learn to relax your mind, expect the baby to cry, as it is their form of communicating their wants to you. Your baby just might be screaming, "I love you".

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