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29 May 2016 - 04 June 2016

icon You'll be running around like a madman this week. It's a good thing that you're fully charged and highly inspired to go after your goals. Make sure you make some time for friends and family because it can be very lonely on the top. Your hectic lifestyle can easily put them on the bottom of your priority list and that's not healthy for anyone. You can work on your goals while strengthening your bond with your loved ones. Nobody or nothing has to be left behind. It's important to pay attention to your joints this week. Increase your intake of omega 3 fish oil and vitamin D.

22 May 2016 - 28 May 2016

icon Your relationship is going through a rocky period. Keep an open mind and be flexible. Being in a relationship is a compromise. It requires a lot of understanding. Let go of control and let yourself be vulnerable in the name of love. A financial jamming device could show up this week. It'll take all your strength to keep your cool. You don't have to be aggressive, instead do your best to come up with a smart strategy. Some tension can be created in your personal life as well. You need to keep a safe distance from danger but there's an engaging thrill that's involved in taking risks. Find the middle ground.

15 May 2016 - 21 May 2016

icon Come up with realistic expectations, Leo. Overestimating yourself is not beneficial for your mind and body. Being characteristically calm and matter-of-fact will help you manage stress well which will contribute to a happy and rewarding life. If you continue to push yourself to the limit, your ambitious character will start to act up and undermine your relationship. When in a relationship it's best to see show your appreciation for the small things that your partner does for you. He/she is not perfect and so are you. Make sure you cut each other some slack every now and then. Be more sensitive to the reactions and actions of the people around you this week. Someone close to you could use your support. Motivate him/her and be motivated by your own words as well. Your actions could lead to a new financial perspective. If you feel low in energy, it has nothing to do with your health but everything with all those things that are going on in your mind. You know what you can do about that.

08 May 2016 - 14 May 2016

icon Things aren't going great all the time in the financial area. It's a good thing that a windfall is heading your way. Keep looking for that or you'll miss out on it. Equality in your relationship is what your rebellious nature is asking for. You're not the kind of person who wants to be dominated on and you are being stingy about it. Take time to talk to your partner about how you feel, or else he/she will assume that everything is just fine and will continue with what he/she is doing. Letting go shall help you get through all the stresses this week. Once you allow others to be responsible for themselves and take your hands off situations that do not belong to you, you will live in a more peaceful state of mind. Sport and exercising also help a lot in getting rid of your stress and make you feel like a winner. Your tendency to be a control freak when your ambitions are at stake could undermine your health. Help yourself restore balance.

01 May 2016 - 07 May 2016

icon Going to bed late and rising early might seem wise because it gives you more time for your extra-curriculars but it will undermine your health. Try to develop a healthy sleep pattern and you'll feel fitter. You're known for taking any adventure the world has to offer and you're looking at ways to give into it without going overboard. Think about the importance of the people you care for because your own interests might harm others. You need to consider that. A careful choice will offer new opportunities. You just have to be open-minded and flexible.

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