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Psychic PSI

What is Psi?

Psi is the twenty third letter of the Greek Alphabet, and is used in parapsychology to include extra sensory perception and psycho kinesis.

In 1930s, Joseph Banks Rhine, a young psychology professor at Duke University in North Carolina, was looking for evidence of a strange and remarkable capability that he called extrasensory perception, or simply ESP. Extrasensory perception is perception that is presumed to be completely independent of the known senses, such as hearing and sighting.

Rhine’s investigation had particularly focused on four extrasensory phenomena:

Telepathy, also known as mind reading, direct mental communication between two persons.
Clairvoyance, also known as second sight, the specific perception of an event or object through means that do not involve the known senses.
Precognition, the perceiving of future events without deducing their occurrence from existing knowledge.
Psychokinesis, the use of mind’s power to effect change in external matter.

Together, these four areas have come to constitute what is now called psi, a word derived from the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet, which is sometimes used in scientific equations to stand for an unknown quantity.

Psi phenomena often seem to defy the known laws for science. But history has indicated scientific laws can change. The 17th century physics of Sir Isaac Newton, for example, was extended by the 20th century physics of Albert Einstein. Rhine once wrote in 1937, ‘in the history of more than one branch of research a long-unrecognized phenomenon has turned out to be the key to a great discovery. The stone which a hasty science rejected has sometimes become the corner stone of its later structure.

Many theories have been established about PSI, mainly centering on the quasi-physical theories of its functions. However it is believed to operate outside the bounds of time and space and it does not require the exchange of energies.

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