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The title of the article contains two important words, medium and psychic and both need to be explained. Let us take the word ‘psychic’ first.

A psychic is an expert who deals with the psyche, ie, the soul, mind, spirits and thoughts, emotions, feelings and sentiments that originate from psyche. The psyche of a person plays a vital, fundamental role in determining his/her nature and future.

But the psychics are not academic experts of the human psyche in the sense the psychologists and psychiatrists are.  They are blessed with certain powers that come from their innate spiritual resources.  In fact, most psychics are blessed with these powers from their birth.

While some psychics inherit their extraordinary powers from their parents or grandparents, especially, mothers and grandmothers, others bring them along from their past birth as a process of their spiritual evolution.

Some of the amazing powers that the psychics are blessed with are strong intuition, insight, third eye, sixth sense, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, empathy, telepathy, psychokinesis, psychometry etc.

Another power that some, not all, psychics possess is to go into trance and communicate with the spirits in general, spirits of the dead, spirit guides, angels and other spiritual and divine entities.

A trance is a sleeplike state where the psychics lose awareness of their ego, body as well as their surroundings. As they acquire this state, their spirit or soul gets a bit liberated from its attachment with the body and can thus communicate with the spirits. This process is, however, a bit time consuming and tiring as well.

Legendary psychic Edgar Cayce was master of the art of going into trance. He spent most part of his life in this sleep-like state and came to be called the Sleeping Prophet. This kind of trance adversely affected Edgar’s health.

The psychics have, over the time, evolved a shorter, simpler and more convenient method of communicating with the spirits. This is called mental trance. It eliminates the need to go into sleep like trance, which the psychics of the earlier times used to go into.

Psychics who go into mental trance remain aware of themselves as well as their surroundings. They take questions from their clients, direct them to the spirits or spirit guides and bring back their answers.

The psychics who can communicate with the spirits are called psychic mediums/medium psychics or channels.

As said earlier, not all psychics are blessed with mediumship powers. The other way of saying this is that while all the mediums are psychics, not all psychics are mediums.

Most medium psychics start showing their extraordinary powers of communicating with the spirits from the early childhood.

For example, psychic medium Allison DuBois demonstrated her psychic powers when she was only six years old. Her great grand father, who had died short time back, appeared before her and gave a message for her mother. He said, “I am OK, I am still with you. Tell your mom there’s no more pain.”

Allison delivered this comforting message to her grieving mother and with this started her lifelong journey of connecting the bereaved people with their dead loved ones.

In another incident, she was riding her cycle alone in her neighborhood in Phoenix when two young men tried to abduct her in their car. She was alone in the street. Although she was frozen with fear she heard a voice that ordered her to bolt off as fast as she could on her bike to her home.

There were similar other cases of abductions of children that were lying untraced. It was then she realized that she had been saved by her ‘guides’ or ‘guardian spirits’.

Psychic mediums have brought about positive changes in the lives of thousands of people through the psychic mediumship readings.



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