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Pet Psychic News Story: Psychic search for missing cat

A DISTRAUGHT Hallam woman has turned to a clairvoyant in a desperate bid to find her missing cat.

Glenys Jones’ beloved cat Toby went missing on Monday, 16 January, from her Tripoli Court home.

Mrs Jones and her husband, Howard, adopted Toby, a three-legged ginger Persian, 10 years ago, and said he was just like a member of the family.

“I let him out of a morning when I go to work and he just sleeps in the garden and waits under the car port for me to come home,” she said.

“I was shocked when I came home and he was not there and when he did not come in for tea.”

Ms Jones said Toby was an indoor cat and rarely wandered very far.

She said she could not believe that he was gone and had desperately been calling and visiting numerous animal shelters in a bid to locate her feline companion.

“We love animals, that is our cause,” she said.

“Every week when we go to the supermarket, we buy a couple of tins of pet food and keep them at home in a box. When it is full, we take it to the shelter for the stray animals.

“We went to the Pearcedale and Cranbourne animal shelters looking for him, but had no luck.

“There were so many pets down there and it was so upsetting going through all of the cages.”

The couple has lived in Tripoli Court for the past 16 years and said they had never had any problems in their quiet street.

The couple printed fliers with Toby’s photo and distributed them in the Hallam area to no avail.

Ms Jones said she was struggling to come to terms with the thought that someone had taken their cat.

In desperation, she contacted well-known Australian pet psychic to determine Toby's (the lost cat) whereabouts.

“I do not normally consult clairvoyants, but we were desperate,” she said.

“We were already starting to think he had been taken far away because no one had seen him or responded to the fliers.

“The Australian psychic said he has been taken far away from us about half an hour away.

“She said he was taken in a white car and that he also had a grass seed in his eye and may be near or in a paddock.”

Ms Jones said Toby was “extra special” to them as he had survived an accident a couple of years ago when he was run over in their driveway.

“He was operated on for hours and ended up losing a leg as he had internal injuries,” she said.

“He is very special to us because of this.”

She said her grandchildren were also upset by the disappearance.

“I have heard stories about things like this happening but I cannot believe this has happened to me,” she said.

“It is really terrible and very sad to think what goes through people’s minds when they do something like this.”

This pet psychic news story was taken from an article 'Psychic search for missing cat', in the Star News Group (, 27th January 2006.