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Pet Psychic News Story: Psychic Talks To Pet

The Ferreri household is filled with fun loving dash hounds. Janelle Ferreri says, "Taffy has some issues that I didn't realize."
Taffy is the Ferreri family dog who was rescued from a puppy mill. About Taffy's previous owners, Ferreri says, "They never had any human contact." Because of her history of abuse, Taffy is terrified of people. The Ferreri family decided to turn to Kat Berard, an animal communicator / pet psychic, for help.

"I like to have a picture where I can see the animals eyes clearly because the eyes are the window to the soul," Berard says. The pet psychic claims that she is able to talk to animals from her computer at home. The conversations she has with dogs, cats, and horses are transcribed onto the screen.

About the Ferreri's situation, Kat says, "They may be dealing with a behavioral issue." She told Taffy that it is not nice to bite people and that her new home is safe.

Janelle explains, "Evidently Taffy said 'Well, I've got to go. I've got things to do, and Kat asked her if the talk had helped and if everything was okay, and she shook her head 'yes'."

That was in May. Janelle says that Taffy has been less frightened of people since then. While reading the transcript Ferreri says, "And that's when received the information that she needs time to adjust."
Kat says that there is no guarantee that her talk will work with all animals. She says some will reject her input or are too distracted to understand.

"I know she communicated with her," Ferreri says. Although Kat's conversation did help this dashhound, other pet owners may not see a difference. Some may not even want to know what goes in their pets tiny little heads.

This psychic news story was taken from an article 'Pet Psychic Talks to Animals', in the WOAI: San Antonio News (, 23rd November 2005.