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Psychic News Story: TV Psychics Socially Accepted

It’s exciting to sit back observing the increased popularity that psychics enjoy today. From appearances on well known and trusted talk shows such as “Crossing Over” with John Edwards, to believable portrayals on tv psychic shows such as “Medium” and “Ghost Whisperer”, psychics have benefited greatly with increased social acceptance over the past ten years.

But why should people believe in psychic abilities when the vehicles of much of its new found popularity and universal acceptance are fictitious inventions? Because since we, as a society, have a more open mind, we readily choose to believe our own eyes, rather than explaining away otherwise unexplainable phenomenon.

So even though everyone knows there are fraudulent crackpots who claim to be psychic, everyone I have ever discussed this with believes, or at least wants to believe that some of these so-called psychics are telling the truth. In fact, I am one of those who believes. That being said, it’s my personal opinion that there are people in the world who possess certain gifts that are supposed to be used for good. Some of these gifts include an entire array of psychic abilities that some people don’t even know they have. This is because they have always chalked up strange coincidences to just that, coincidence, or attributed strange sounds and visions to vivid imaginations and/or dreams.
Assuming I am right, you may meet some one or probably already know someone whom you suspect has psychic abilities, but that person won’t acknowledge the validity of your suspicions what-so-ever. It may in fact be that you your self, are one such psychic in denial, in which case, it may do you some good to begin recognizing your own psychic abilities. If you do, you can begin using them for the good of others. To that end, I’m going to help you out by sharing with you situations (to watch for) that will help you determine if you, inLeed, have psychic abilities.

To begin with, knowing the phone is about to ring, knowing who’s calling, and knowing why the person is calling before you talk to them could be a good indicator that you have psychic abilities.
Another indicator of your own psychic abilities is a situation that many people experience. Have you ever turned your back toward someone only to “sense” something, then spin around catching the person mocking you from behind? I have.

You should also be alert to situations where you know exactly what people are going to say, and then actually hear them say it. Additionally, if you have psychic abilities, you may experience the phenomenon of singing a certain song in your head, only to be surprised by turning on the radio and hearing it being played there as well.

Although the following story happened to me, watching for the following kind of phenomenon in your own life could help you identify this same sort of psychic abilities in your self. A few years ago I was busy at home washing the dishes when, for no apparent reason my leg began aching. Strangely, about thirty minutes later I received a call from my mother who told me my brother just had his leg broken in a traffic accident. At the time, my brother lived more than 1000 miles away from me, so after this happened I finally began to believe that I might have some psychic gifts of my own.

To sum this all up, thanks to popular television shows, the image of psychics being eccentric, overly decorated and gaudy crackpots is a thing of the past. In fact, since most Americans have become more willing to accept the phenomenon as a legitimate ability, they are less likely to explain away otherwise unexplainable events. Furthermore, having an open mind will allow us to recognize and identify psychic abilities in ourselves and allow us to celebrate them rather than fear them. Finally, embracing our psychic gifts will eventually allow us to hone them, and become better able to use them, proudly, for good.

An extract from the article: ‘Trends Acknowledge Psychic Abilities’, in American Chronicle (, 12th January 2006, by Daniel Taverne.