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Psychic News Story: Psychic Solves Murder

Jan Helen McGee told them the killer was at a beach, probably Ocean City, Md., or Rehoboth Beach, Del. Detective Paul Zechman called the police departments there and, sure enough, they found Robert Wise living in Arnold's stolen car at a shopping mall near Rehoboth. Wise is now serving a life sentence in state prison for the murder.

McGee said she has worked with many area police departments, but has tried to keep her psychic abilities private. "I'm really apprehensive," McGee said of her television appearance. "A lot of people are fearful or angry at psychics. But do you think angels and prophets died off after the Bible was written? Prophetic things have always been spoken of.

" She said she is going public now because she wants to teach police officers how to use psychics properly and avoid scams. She never seeks money for her insights, she said.

On the night that Arnold, 61, was shot to death in the small building that he occupied in South Lebanon Twp., McGee had a nightmare about the murder, she said. The next morning, she read about it in the newspaper. She said she knew details of the case that surprised investigators, such as that Arnold had a collection of black rotary phones in his home.

She called herself "a piece of the puzzle" who thinks differently. She has always been psychic, she said. As a toddler, she could sense where her mother was. She has warned friends to visit elderly relatives shortly before their deaths, and she told her students to leave the building just before fire destroyed it.

District Attorney Deirdre Eshleman said the motive for the murder was robbery.

McGee said she thinks it was something more. She said she thinks Wise, who knew Arnold, envied him and wanted to be him. That is why he stole Arnold's car, wallet and other personal items and was wearing Arnold's boots when he was found, she contends.

"What is creepy is that I can see the motivations of killers," McGee said.

An extract from the article ''Psychic Witness' Helped Police Solve Murder', in The Patriot News (, 28th November 2005, by Monica Von Dobeneck.