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Hello, my name is Crystal. I have 27 years of experience in the fields of clairvoyance, card reading, mediumship and psychic healing.

To assist the client to the fullest, I use a combination of numerology (Pythagoras Theory), cards (tarot cards, angel cards, unicorn and affirmation cards), spiritual guidance, metaphysics (the thoughts that create sickness, pain and disease), and life coaching. I use these tools to pick up a clear and focused psychic connection which directs me in helping anyone to make a decision from the choices open to them.

I can do readings for any situation, but generally for health, wealth and relationships, as well as missing people and missing objects. 

Mediumship is another skill I have acquired throughout the years of practice. I am sensitive to what is happening to other people and my empathy leads me to assist clients to heal and resolve grief and loss.  By chanelling into the deceased person, I can then describe if they are ready to come forward and then allow the client to ask questions. I then pass on the messages from the deceased to the client. Clients usually feel relieved and are always appreciative of the session.  

After the initial reading and the issue has been established, I usually have people call me back to life coach them step by step through moving out of fear around a situation towards healing, empowerment and love for themselves.

As I highly sensitive person, I believe in investing in spiritual wellness. Though everyone has a choice of moving towards wellness, or away from it, I would like to be an instrument so that the client may find their own point of balance. The healing I offer may be given for any injury, sickness or stress starting by identifying and winning over negative thought patterns. It is important to note that a willingness to change is a fundamental requirement in the healing process.

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