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Why are twins psychic with each other?

It is always so engagingly interesting how identical twins are psychically connected and how they are alike in so many ways. And it has been scientifically fascinating for scientists as well for the reason that they have the same genes.

Studies tell that it has been stated by a number of identical twins that they know and feel if one of them is currently how and what they feel, what they think or if one is in danger even though they are miles apart. They have this special ‘twin’ connection that we, non-twin people, do not know about. A twin’s psychic connections are undeniably stronger than any other psychic bearing in this world. They tend to have telepathic abilities towards each other.

Basically, telepathy is a psychic ability that shows a way of transferring or sharing ideas, opinions, and thought straight from one person’s mind to another individual without the use of verbal words and gestures. The person who is sending the thoughts and ideas can normally be regarded as the ‘agent’, while the other person who receives it can be pertained to as the ‘percipient’.

Twins share a lot of things from actually growing up together, playing and learning together, living in the same house, having the same sets of friends, and many more things that they share and do together, it is not impossible that they have a strong psychic connection. A lot of testimonies and stories from different sets of twins can prove that they can indeed communicate with their other half, not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. An example would be when one of the twins got into a brawl in school and actually got bruises all over his body, the other twin will also actually feel sore as if he was also caught up in the fight.

Also, there are cases of twins who got separated when they were born, and yet they amazingly found their way to seeing and meeting each other. On another note, a mother was going to fetch her other son, one of the twins named Gabriel, then Ethan, the other twin, just randomly told her to ask Gabriel to wear his clothes. True enough, when the mother called her their grandmother, she said that they were having trouble dressing up Gabriel. If that wasn’t amazing, I don’t know what it is.

A fitting explanation to this fascinating connection would be the one based on genetics, on the part that they are from one fertilized egg, parted into two, and then born as two different individuals who happen to have the same intellectuality, likes, dislikes and cogitation patterns. So basically, this means that they really are a part of one another, though scientists wouldn’t want to call their connection as telepathic abilities as they do not believe that such thing exists. They would rather say that it is just merely a ‘coincidence’ because twins are really meant to be alike in the first place and that they just grew up living together, enjoying and appreciating one environment and that they are from just one set of parents.

The stories, which are being passed around about the telepathic connection between twins, are unexplainable, obscure, and it gets the people curious as to why and how it happens. But these are for sure; they are connected in a special way that none of the singletons would ever experience; and that they have the strongest, firmest, and most solid bond and kinship among all other.


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