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To guide or not to guide; Angels and Spirit Guides

Angels and spirit guides come in different sizes and forms. They also come from numerous dimensions. The angels keep us linked with our source while our guides assist us in discovering our way back home.

When we want to connect with the angels and spirit guides, all we have to do is ask.

Masses of angels and spirit guides are always eager and prepared to aid us in living through life. Though we must be the first to approach them before they might interfere on their own.

The difference between angels and spirit guides are that angels basically are runners. Channels for us and our sources. Angels have always exhibited themselves here on earth but never do they change their appearances. Never a human, always an angel. While spirit guides, on the other half, have inhabited the earth as human beings. Some of the spirit guides are ancient, bringing with them wisdom and knowledge from the past which will be available for each of our generations when necessary. Some guides help us ease our agony as healers. They also comfort and remove our doubts in life. Some guides are beings from other places who prefer to contribute in the making our planet a better place.

There are different kinds of spirit guides and one of them is the guardian angel. Spirit guides generally exist in soul or spirit form. Guardian angels represent God’s love for us and are sent to guide and assist us. They will lead us, direct us, defend us, and inspire us to bring out the very best qualities of our souls.

While we are still being conceived by our mothers, guardian angels are already “assigned” to us so we too are still in our spiritual form. They escort us as our mothers give birth and through the entire trip which is what we call life. They never leave us and are with us in every idea, word, and happening we get involved in. This is their job. Nothing can ever take them away from accomplishing the task given to them. They will be with us until we die and return to being souls in heaven.

The helper types of spirit guides in other dimensions that always want to care for and support us – the people they assist. They wish to be messengers of love and are delighted to be in physical form because they want to help every person in person.

When spirit guides are in non-physical forms, they will feel like love. True love- that is what we feel when they bless us with their presence. The idea of getting something from them is mighty reassuring. It is a light reflection of what we feel when being welcomed. It is as if you are more alert and in tune with yourself – your body. A spirit guide knows how to make you feel nurtured and taken care of. The more you take care of this feeling, the more it intensifies.So if you want to communicate with the Lord or souls in the other realm, or just feel really good, contact your angels and spirit guides. ‘Cause every conversation or feeling with them is definitely worth it.


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