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Tarot Reader Rituals For Self-Preservation

Tarot cards are wonderful tools for examining a person's past life, as well as for charting one's future options.  The tarot can also be used as a wonderful self-development and personality-enhancement tool.  With disciplined use of the tarot deck, you can experience intense personal growth.  Here are a number of rituals that a tarot reader can do, towards enhancing the seeker's self-protection.


How The Tarot Cards Can Help Protect You From Harm

According to veteran tarot readers, the Suit of Cups cards can be used for protecting the person from being emotionally used or injured. The Sword cards are also known to offer ample assistance from attacks and insults by judgmental individuals.  The Pentacles can help protect the person from financial fraud.  The Suit of Wands can help inject fresh creativity, especially during depressing periods.  The Kings of The Court cards like the Emperor and the Hierophant can protect women from domineering men, while the Empress, Queen and High Priestess aid women who are in conflict with other ladies. The Death card may certainly look  abhorring, however it can actually aid the person in coping with change. The Death card can also help the guy or girl in protecting their worldly possessions. The Devil can also help the individual get immediate access to power. The Sword cards aid the individual from restricting himself or easily giving up and making regrets.


The Daily Pull

In doing the Daily Pull ritual, shuffle the deck and take out a card in the morning.  Before taking out a card, meditate early during dawn, carry the card with you, and study what it fully means.  By doing this, the person is protected from different threats, and as the day goes on, you will find that the power of the cards come through in a variety of ways and situations. By evening, reintroduce the card to the tarot deck, and give it a few complete shuffles.  Leave the deck until morning, and develop a new method for pulling out the card of the day.


The Calendar Ritual

The Calendar Ritual is designed to prepare the person for work and school-related issues and conflicts.  This ritual also protects the individual from back-stabbing colleagues and rivals, and also alerts the person about coming surprises. To do this unique ritual, shuffle the deck, and deal out five cards in a row. Each of these cards may be an indicator of what is coming each day of the week.  Simply look up the card in question, and read what it means for the future. The Calendar ritual can help in getting the person ready ahead of time for future confrontations or issues with co-workers, bosses and friends along the way.


If you constantly practice any or all of these tarot card rituals, you will notice that some cards work practically well for you.  After getting acquainted with the rituals , you could wish to wear or carry with you a piece of clothing or jewelry which you feel illustrates the meaning and feeling of a certain card.   Wear the piece of clothing or jewelry every day, as this may offer offer you a higher state of consciousness.



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