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Tarot Card Meanings

The minor arcana of a tarot are composed of 56 cards with 56 different tarot card meanings.  Divided into four suits, each one is associated to an element, direction and season which affect a distinct aspect in the life of a person. The four suits are the suit of wands, the suit of pentacles or coins, the suit of swords and the suit of cups.  Also each tarot card suit has an equivalent suit that can be found in an ordinary deck of cards.


The tarot card meanings every suit is as follows:


The structure of the minor arcana cards also affects the tarot card meanings of the numbered cards and the court cards.  The ace represents a positive force while the numbered cards represent events, interpersonal reactions, and changes in mental and emotional state.  The court cards may represent personalities, messages, situation, ideals or an upcoming event.  The king represents male and maturity, the queen represents female and maturity, the knight represents youth and the page represents a child.


The tarot spread also affects card meanings.  The spread refers to the laying out of the cards in a pattern after it has been shuffled and the deck has been cut.   It is in this process that energy from the reader is transferred to the cards.  Out of different types of spreads, the focus of the spread will depend on the reader and the position of the cards.  Therefore tarot card meanings will differ.


It is quite amusing that the cards can tell you what available choices you have upon the occurrence of a certain event.  And although tarot reading has been adopted to reveal secrets in the earlier days, this should not be the ultimate basis for the decision making you have to make.  The times have changed.  It should only serve as a guide.  


Tarot reading can be a pleasant way to look at things positively because it can help you avoid in making wrong decisions.  But we don’t always have time to go and visit a reader.  Thanks to the internet.  Now it is possible to enjoy having the tarot reading at the comfort of your home even on a daily basis.


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