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Spread and Start Tarot Reading

Tarot reading is the revelation of personal meanings in the occurrence of an event.  There are two ways of reading, the question reading and the open reading.  Whichever reading you prefer, the reading should only serve as a guide and not the ultimate factor for any decision making.  A specific question is asked in a question reading but remember that tarot is not intended to answer yes or no questions.

If you want a question reading, remember to keep your options open and stay neutral for the entire period you are getting a reading.  If you are to inquire about a particular issue, focus on yourself. Readers will keep a level of detail in their answers but do not expect that you will be answered in details that you want it. An open tarot reading on the other hand is more appropriate to have when inquiring about a new adventure or phase in your life rather than a particular question.

The tool to use in the process is the tarot card, a deck of 78 picture cards, each having a distinct meaning once the reading starts.   But there are a lot of tarot decks available.    And if you want to learn how to read, consider the means of how you are to learn it.  You do not need any psychic talent to be able to engage in the reading.  Just go to a store and pick the one which catches your attention or that which gives you a certain feel of connection.  Yet the best deck to choose for tarot reading is the standard deck.

The deck is to be shuffled by the person who wants the reading.  After the shuffle, the deck is cut and the reader will spread the cards in a particular pattern.  The reader has varied choices on which pattern to use.  And once the cards are laid out, the reading can start. The meaning of each card is interpreted relative to its position with the other cards.  There are two common spreads. One is the Three Fates, which involves three cards representing the past, present and future. 

The other is called the Celticcross spread which involves ten cards.  This spread covers more areas in tarot reading.  There are the Present, Immediate Challenge and Factors Affecting Situation cards which are related.  The distant past and the recent past are covered by two cards.  The Best Outcome Card relates to what is in question and this is related to the External Influences card.  The Immediate Future card is concerned with what may happen in the next few days or weeks.  The Hopes and Fears card refers to the situation.  And of course there is the Final Outcome card.  For the last two cards, additional cards may be drawn for a clearer understanding.

Tarot reading can be a fun activity. Especially if you are getting a good reading.  But if you’re not... then let it be an instrument to guide you in making a better decision.


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