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Minority Report


Minority Report is an American science fiction and action movie that was directed by Steven Spielberg, screenplay by Jon Cohen and Scott Frank and produced by Bonnie Curtis, Gerald R. Molen, Jan de Bont and Walter F. Parkes. This film was based on the famous novel written by Philip K. Dick, The Minority Report. It was distributed by 20th Century Fox for Northern America and DreamWorks Pictures internationally on the 21st of June in the year 2002. The budget for the film is one hundred and two (102) million dollars and the estimated profit after being shown is three hundred and fifty eight (358) million dollars.


The setting of the movie was set in the future, in year 2054, in Washington, DC. There is a PreCrime police department that has been settled in the city and their job is to prevent murderers from killing their victims, which lessened and decreased the number of murders or the murder rate in the city. They predict the murders by using three human beings with special and supernatural abilities, they call them the “Precogs”. They foretell and envision the future and when they see crimes that are about to happen such as murder, theft and many more, they act as quickly as they can to stop it from happening.


The captain of the PreCrime department, John Anderton (Tom Cruise in real life), had separated with his wife after his son went missing and began to be a drug addict. The Precogs had a vision that he will kill a random man named Leo Crow within thirty six hours. Agent Danny Witwer of the United States Department of Justice started a manhunt for John Anderton to prevent the crime that he is going to commit. Anderton, being innocent and willing to prove it, sets out his course and went to speak with Dr. Iris Hineman who is the creator or inventor of the PreCrime technology. She told Anderton that Agatha, one of the three members of the Precogs, usually gets a different vision than the other two Precogs. They call her visions a “minority report” which could be a conceivable and believable different and alternate future. The department has been keeping this a secret because if it leaked out and a lot of people would know then it would only damage and impair the system’s reliability and integrity.


Well, there is more to the story than we would like to include here in the summary. The film is interesting and thrilling to watch. We suggest that you watch the movie and tell us about, we would love to hear your comments and opinions about psychics being in a movie.


On the other hand, it was mentioned in the movie that when a person knows what will happen in the future, he or she has the ability to change it. Our question is, do you think that the statement is true? Or do you believe that the future is set in stone and once it has been written then you can never change it again?


We believe that you have the ability to change and manipulate your future to whatever you want to happen and however that you want to be. Why? Because of the mere fact that you are aware of it. If a psychic predicted that something bad will happen to you if you do a certain action or say certain words then you know better not to let it happen and affect your life. You will change your ways, your words and your actions preventing the said bad thing to not happen at all. You have that power over your life. You have the ability to make your own decisions that will influence and impact your situation and your condition.


Although of course, certain things cannot be undone or cannot be altered. For example, a psychic had predicted that you will acquire a sickness without cure. You cannot do anything about it, yes? You can try to change it though, by eating healthy and doing proper exercises but you won’t be certain what the results and effects will be. Bu then again, you had the chance to change it and make it better for yourself, for your health. It is just not within your power to fully change it or stop it but the fact that you have a chance to do something about it, means that the future is not set in stone and that anyone can change, for the betterment of things and people.


People usually say that what happens in the future is not within our control. But it isn’t always the case. We have ourselves to blame for what is about to happen. A good example would be the change in the ozone layer or the melting of the ice or glaciers in Antarctica. It is a big issue today and people are saying that it is impossible to stop it from happening and affecting the world in the future. But we only have ourselves to blame, yes? You would ask, how is this my fault? Pollution is probably the number cause of it, be it air pollution, water pollution or land pollution, it all affects our environment. We have the power to stop using things that could harm the ecosystem, our oceans and our lands, but we aren’t doing enough and we continue doing what is destroying our world. So basically, the prediction that all the ice will melt in a few more decades could be remedied and stopped. It is up to us, the human beings living on Earth, to start caring about the world or continue doing things that would destroy it.


The future is scary if you think of it as something that you have no control over but if you think wisely you would be able to overcome that fear in your heart. Know that you have control over your life. Psychic readings are here to let us know what is to come and psychics are full of empathy and they would give good advices on how you can perform well as an individual and be a better person. For yourself, for your family, for your country and for your world.


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