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Mediums, Psychics, and Everything Between Them

For one to be attuned to all things mystical, we cannot simply rely on sheer intuition or the self-attunement to things around us. Books can only do so much: anyone can read, but not everybody can understand. Of all the many things in this world that man is yet to understand, even more so to master, the mystical energies are one imaginary library too far for human knowledge. However, the common every day man can make up for this inability with the help of other individuals who are much more blessed with powers such as these – among these types of people, two stand out: the psychic and the medium.

So what is the difference? What makes Psychic vs. Medium a legitimate question and not a grammar error? We certainly are incapable of determining such details in professions that are out of everyday standards and most people even mistake one for the other. In fact, the general population of the world today believes that psychic is a synonym of medium and that the two are in fact one and the same.

This is wrong and any psychic and/or medium can tell you that. The argument of Psychic Vs. Medium begins and ends with their channels.

For one, mediums have a unique talent that psychics do not and this is the ability to communicate with the dead. Mediums can serve as a bridge to the next life. People who wish to contact their departed loved ones simply have to see a medium and arrange a channeling. This is truly beyond the calling of any psychic.

Psychics, too, have powers unique only to their attunement. And this difference relies mostly in the use of their channels. Psychics can use the world around them as their channel, and as such, they can use channels in the form of tarot cards, oracle bones, palm readings among others. Mediums are incapable of reading signs left by the mystic energies other than the ones that they have to connect and interact with on a first hand basis.

Psychic Vs. Medium debates go much further than talent alone. The medium uses the channel that he/she creates to communicate with the spirits. Mostly focusing on spirits in the afterlife, the medium uses something of value or relevance to the mystic energies such as an old heirloom, to come in contact. Whereas the psychic has less demanding methods that require no more than asking a few questions and providing answers to readings. The psychic, compared to the medium, has easier means of constructing channels.

To make up for the downside difficulty in Psychic Vs. Medium channel construction, mediums are able to receive and transmit information first hand. Where psychics are only able to explain and read, mediums are able to write and speak back to the spirits. The psychic is in first hand contact only with the client and no more than a simple reader with the spirits. The medium acts as a telephone and the psychic acts as a letter.

Mediums are also more demanding of their attunement. Most psychics are free to lash out the energies they have within them and as such, many people are referred to psychics when a medium should have been the better option. The medium cannot simply read, transmit, and be done. The medium requires more time and closeness with the persons involved to be able to successfully and accurately create a channel. Psychic Vs. Medium issues are much more than grammatical concepts. These two are spiritual continents apart.


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