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How to Recognize a Genuine Psychic

Sometimes, when people are feeling alone, depressed and when they do not seem to know what to do with their lives or whom to go to for advices and comfort, they go to psychics to have a reading. Psychics are people with an intuitive ability and they could gather and receive information about a certain person, place, thing or happening with their extrasensory perception. They are able to provide new choices, advices and insights or whatever you feel like you need at the moment. A psychic’s objective in life is to be able to help and assist other people, to make themselves available in any way to present knowledge and understanding to lost people who needs someone to walk with them in the path of life.


So how could you avail yourself a genuine and authentic reading?


First, ask around and try to look for people who actually like the certain psychic and ask for the feedback and opinions about the readings that they have had with the him or her. If a lot of people give good criticisms and positive reactions then the psychic is most probably good. As much as you should not base how a good a psychic is with the number of their fans or supporters, it still shows and says a lot about them if you see people are willing to work they way around just to get a reading. It just means that the psychic gives good and satisfactory readings for his or her clients to go back and want for more.


Also, keep in mind that psychics should do all the talking during your session with him or her. Yes, sometimes they might ask you a question but that must be only for confirmation. You should not be pushed to talk or to spill any information about you, your work, your family or anything that the psychic could get something from. Let him or her talk, that is how it’s supposed to be anyway. Moreover, do not let the psychic to just answer your question with a yes and a no. You are there to look for answers that could help you straighten your life ahead, it should not make you feel like you are talking to a magic 8 ball.


Additionally, genuine psychics will be able to perceive something about you, your past, your present and your future that has been given to them by the spirits. Do not let them fool you as there are pretend psychics that roam around trying to rip people off with fake readings.


Do not let the psychic influence and steer you into buying something from their trinket shop like a crystal necklace or jade bracelets. It is definitely okay to buy stuff from their store but not because they pushed you to do so. A genuine reader should never try and offer you more than a reading unless it is the client who asked. Also, do not let charlatans fool you into thinking that you have been cursed by someone and you should pay extra money just to take it off. Be smart and be alert.


Furthermore, a genuine psychic should never ignore a question. They will immediately tell you if they perceive nothing about a certain topic or aspect that you asked about but they should never ignore a question or worse, be rude to you because they could not offer an answer or a solution.

If you ever feel like getting a reading from a psychic, then all you have to remember is to trust your gut feeling. During a session, you will be able to feel if you have a connection with the psychic, if you feel like there is none, then do not push it and just look for someone whom you can tune in with. Make sure you get the service that you deserve and paid for.


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