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How to Do Your Own Psychic Test at Home

Having a psychic test is the first step in your psychic development. You have to wake up first the sleeping sixth sense in you so that your ESP abilities will naturally come out. Aside from taking the test on the computer, you can also make your own psychic ability test. You can improvise your own and then ask the help of your sister or anyone from the house to help you conduct the test. Here are some suggestions on how to make your own psychic ability test at home.

You can make your own psychic test with the help of five index cards and a pen. First, prepare these two materials: the index cards and a pen. Draw a circle on the first card, square on the second one, rectangle on the third, triangle on the fourth, and a star on the fifth card. Now, place these cards on a box or a bowl and shuffle them. Call your sister or your brother, or anyone who is with you in your house. Ask them to shuffle the card once more and let them pick one index card. They should not be showing to you the image drawn at the card. Get another piece of paper for recording. Now, it is your time to guess what figure was drawn on the card that was picked by your companion. Allow your companion to record it whether you got it right or wrong. Let your companion return the card on the box and shuffle it again. Repeat the same procedure 20 times. Do not forget to record the number of times you got a correct guess. After the 20 picks and guesses, get the total of your correct answer. Next, rate yourself according to your score on this psychic test. If you scored 1 to 5, you are a good guesser. If your score is 6 to 10, you have a minor psychic potential. If you scored 11 to 15, you have a positive psychic potential, and if you scored 15 to 20, you have an excellent potential to be a psychic reader.

Another way on how to make your own psychic test is to make use of a coin. The main goal of this test is to measure your telekinesis ability. Now, flip the coin and try to guess which side will be facing up. Try to manipulate the coin by using your mind and make it land with your desired side facing up. As the coin is flipping up, concentrate on it, and bring out your inner force to manipulate the coin. If you were able to manipulate the coin even for just a few times, then you are one of those psychics who have strong power. If you were able to manipulate the coin several times, then, you really have a great potential to be a psychic. Telekinesis is a very powerful ability, and if the coin psychic test shows that you have a potential, do not hesitate to consult the professionals and psychic experts. Ask them to guide you so that you can develop further your psychic ability. 


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