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How do we tap into the future in our dreams

Many of us dream about something that allows us to take a peek into the future. We may see unexpected events, threatening catastrophes and well-founded opportunities. Psychic dreams occur and as we may like it or not, it might be a warning or a sign for you. It is believed by the ancient civilizations, that dreams are possible messages from our spirit guides or from the spirit realm. This usually happens when we are constantly thinking about something that excited or worries us and the unconscious mind favors us by letting us have these ‘psychic dreams’. It is always good to remember to always be sensible and think of what your dream might actually mean as dreams do not always intend to represent the future and could not mean anything at all. You might just want to remember it all, think about it or even consult with a psychic on what it might probably mean to you.

Ask these questions to yourself to determine whether your dream is a warning or just a simple dream during the night.

  1. Was it a very intense and vivid dream? Did it seem so real?

  2. Did you notice something that is very unusual or particularly strange things that does not seem to make any sense?

  3. In your dream, did you see something that has never happened before?

  4. Did it include some or a lot of people you haven’t met?

  5. Did you not feel any connection to the dream as the emotional content differs from your present emotional state?

If yes, then you might actually be experiencing a warning or premonition; a dream or vision that tells you that something is bound to happen but with no definite reason to explain as to how, why or when it will happen.

Precognitive dreaming is the term used to describe when you dream about the future. First off, precognitive dreams can serve as a warning, like something displeasing might happen if you continue with the track that you are currently on. The dream allows you experience the consequences of what might happen in real life and allows you to make the right choices and take the right path in reality so that you can escape or prevent the outcome that you had seen in your dream. Secondly, it can be “a thumbs up” from a spirit that you are actually taking on the right path. This is when you dream about something where you see yourself, usually in a good position and positive setting and the details of the dream are very vivid. Then in a few months or a few years, you seem to see yourself in the exact same position as you have seen in that very realistic dream. Some people call this phenomenon a déjà vu.

Could you time travel in your sleep?

It is believed that in our sleep, we have access to our past and future lives. Remember when you dreamed of something that happened 10 years ago? Yep, that is how it is. Though, of course, you cannot change anything and actually be there personally. You can travel to the past and the future and when you wake up you have to remember everything.

Precognitive Dreams in the Modern World

Nowadays, we have our modern technology to help us with almost everything. We are now using it to actually integrate and prepare humankind into the possibility of expanding our consciousness. According to one research about precognitive dreams, it is said that humankind is undergoing an experimental collective awakening. This will allow us to have more episodes of meaningful precognitive dreams that would not only benefit the dreamer himself, but for the benefit of the human race. With this we will be able to test our interconnectedness and up to what extent could it be established.

Can we develop the ability to travel and foresee the future by dreams?

No practice can be done to develop or control your dreams. One reason why you cannot develop the ability that allows you to see upcoming events and happenings is that there is no point in doing so because even if you can develop the ability, you still cannot stop tsunamis and hurricanes. Understand that psychic dreaming does not work like some other psychic abilities like telepathy, precognition, retrocognition, clairvoyance, and many more and therefore, it cannot be developed and practiced. It just doesn’t work that way.

Such dreams cannot and will not be controlled or even be forced to come true; if it does then it might just be a coincidence. Or who knows? There is still not an existing proof that dreams can actually turn into reality. Our consciousness may stipulate clues but there is still no answer to how or when it is going to happen.

Remember that our spirit guides would want us to hone the psychic abilities that will lead us to a more spiritual path and will allow us for spiritual growth.

And if you do experience a dream that is pretty normal, then just enjoy it but don’t dwell much about it as it may or may not mean anything. But you will definitely know when a dream you are dreaming is actually a premonition or an important vision of the future when you remember too much details when you wake up. Apparently, dreams have a way of imprinting itself that you would not really be able to forget. Pay attention to little details as psychic dreams may contain crucial information that might affect in your daily lives, like the lottery winning numbers or the plate number of a car which turns out to be related to the murder of your friend’s aunt. You will never know when it might come in handy.


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