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How do clairvoyants know things?

Clairvoyants. These are people who possess the gift of sight and they are able to see with their mind’s eyes. This is called as the third eye and it is probably located at the center of one’s forehead, just between both eyebrows.


Do we all have third eyes?


A lot of people believe that we all do, it is just that some of us have ‘sleeping’ third eyes, meaning it has not been awakened yet. So yes, you can awaken and develop your own third eye by meditating and focusing your energy on opening it. You can ask for help from someone who is an experienced and skilled clairvoyant around your area and tell them to train you. It is not that hard to develop your vision, it just takes so much time as you will have to silently meditate and connect yourself with the natural energies around you to do so. So you have to be really patient for it to happen.


Why would one even want to develop their third eye? What is so great in having them activated?


For one, it is their personal choice to be able to “see” the things that our normal eyesight are not able to see. They can see souls, spirits, auras, flashes of light, shadows and supernatural entities such fairies, dwarves, demons and angels. Some people are just so inclined into knowing more about these supernatural things and beings that they would just want to quench their thirst of knowing more.


Second, there are people who already have awakened their third eye but it has not been fully opened yet. They might want to flourish their sight a little bit more than what they can see. Developing allows them to expand their visions and their range so that they could connect to anyone, spiritually, even when they are miles apart.


Third, some clairvoyants did not choose their abilities and their powers as they were born with it. It might have been running in their family ever since and so they do not really have a choice but see the things that cannot be seen by ordinary human beings and to develop their third eyes as it has already been activated during their birth.


But how do clairvoyants know the things that they know?


Because of their gift of sight, the clairvoyants are allowed to see things in their heads, things like images, photos, shadows, lights, colors, numbers, words, symbols and visions that are somehow random. If they try to focus their energy on on person, for example their client, they will be able to see images and symbols that can tell much about that certain person’s past, present and future life.


Although, these visions are always random and inaccurate as they tend to see it as blurred and faint in their heads. It takes a skilled and experienced psychic to decipher and interpret a vision’s meaning and significance in one person’s life. The more experienced the psychic is, the better they are at explaining and elucidating the visions and things that they see.

Us ordinary human beings, those without the gift of clairvoyance, will never understand as to how things work out for the psychic people as we do not have and possess the gift that they have been blessed with. We will never have solid proof on how things are really working out for them and if they really know that things that they claim to know. But one thing is for sure, you just have to trust in them and in the process as there are really authentic and genuine psychics out there. You just have to find the real ones and do not go to the fake ones.


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