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Difference between a psychic, medium and clairvoyant

What is a Psychic?


Generally, a psychic is someone who has the ability to receive and gather information and knowledge via his or her extrasensory perception. They are known to possess the “sixth sense” or the “third eye”, people believe that it is located on our foreheads, on the space just between our eyebrows. The main word ‘psychic’ came from the word ‘Psychikos’ which means ‘soul’ in Greek.


The word psychic has been thought and invented by the famous chemist William Crookes when he used it to relate and explain of how he describes Daniel Dunglas Home who was a Spiritualist Medium back then.


What is a Medium?


So basically speaking, a medium is someone who has the ability to communicate and speak with the spirits of departed ones. Mediums stand as the channels or the intermediaries between the corporeal world and the spiritual realm.


They are known as channelers because they serve as the channels for a living human being to be able to communicate with a spirit in the spiritual realm. Mediums go on a trace-like state to be able to establish the communication and link to the spirit of the loved one of a person who had departed. They will then receive messages from the said spirit or it may be passed on from one spirit to another before it reaches the medium. They will receive the message visually, audibly or via their physical sensations.


Nowadays, modern mediums could read a person’s energy to receive the messages that needs to be relayed. They claim that they do not have to actually connect and speak with a spirit to perceive such relevant information.


What is a Clairvoyant?


A clairvoyant is someone who possess the “third eye” as their extrasensory perception and they have the ability to “see” things that no normal person can see. They have enhanced visions and they can see shapes, symbols, colors, signs, words, numbers and other things that the naked eye could not see.  


Usually, whatever clairvoyants see through their third eyes are blurred, vague and faint visions that they would need to decipher, interpret and clarify in order to understand its relevance or what it means. They do not get clear and precise visions.




Primarily, everyone who possess unearthly abilities and gifts are called Psychics. So all mediums and clairvoyants are psychics but not all psychics are clairvoyants and mediums. It all depends on their abilities and how they enhance it and on which ability they will focus on.


As you see, clairvoyants do not have the ability to talk to the spirit of the departed loved ones but mediums can receive knowledge and information about a person, place, thing or event visually and audibly. They can be both a medium and a clairvoyant.


Why would you want to know the differences of the psychic abilities that psychics possess?


Well, this is relevant so you would know who to contact and book a reading with if you wanted one. It is important to know so you wouldn’t wrongly book a reading with a clairvoyant if you wanted to communicate your grandfather who passed away in the first place. Clairvoyants won’t be able to give you the reading and the information that you wanted if you ask them to establish a connection with your grandfathers.             


But if you feel like asking for new insights, great guidance and useful information then it is just right to have a reading with clairvoyants. They are the best counselors, advisors and guides in life as they can impart a great deal of lessons and can present you new options in case you feel desperate in life. They will listen to you about all your problems and they can ask the spirits or the gather energy from the universe to make you feel good and be a better person than you were yesterday.


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