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Defining spiritualism

Spiritualism focuses on the promotion of the personal experience of an individual with God. It is a religion which is not built and constructed to follow and believe a particular God or savior but it enlightens the people to identify and acknowledge all the prophets that had been known to mankind since the beginning of our physical world. It teaches not to put one prophet above the other. Spiritualism teaches the people to create and maintain a steady relationship with God for guidance and enlightenment and nurture oneself to be responsible for their actions and decisions based on the personal guidance that was provided to them.

Spiritualism makes the people believe that they have this immediate and direct relationship with God that allows them to communicate with him directly without having to worry that you need to have an established concept of what a God should be and how a God might be able to help you with your life. Spiritualism teaches the people that there is a God, regardless of the person’s questions in mind. Spiritualist believe that if one tries to input an idea about God, it will only confine and restrict the entirety of the ‘Intelligence’. That is one reason why spiritualists see and describe God as ‘infinite intelligence’ or ‘infinite being’.

Spiritualists also believe that we are still present in this world, though in another realm, even after our deaths. They believe that we are still the same as when we were alive. Much has been proven by mediums that perform their abilities to connect, communicate and receive information by allowing themselves to be a channel for the living and the dead to be connected again even though the dead have undergone a physical and spiritual change that we know as death.

Some people think that it is actually comforting to know that the souls of their departed loved ones linger among the living and still remembers them and their relationship with them as this helps them to grieve shorter and gives them the idea of contacting a medium to be able to be reconnected and communicate with the souls of their dead loved ones.

Spiritualism also teaches people that the nature of all humankind is to be virtuous and good. Mankind should not dwell and lead each other into doing evil things and being bad people. Spiritualism believes that there is no repentance and immoral acts, they only believe in the natural law of spiritual growth and progression. Spiritualists also do not believe in secondhand reparation and restitution for a wrong doing because they believe that a person should be accountable with their actions at all times and must atone for their misdemeanor and wickedness by none other than themselves and not through another person who was sent to repent for their transgression.

The most fundamental point of Spiritualism is that every religion in this physical world of ours are able to provide enlightenment and understanding that all the Gods, prophets, saviors have existed and were real people. And the main purpose of Spiritualism is to grow spiritually and use that maturation and development to be of service and assistance to other people as you persistently mature and advance.

It is believed that spiritualism is a science because it explores, researches and systemizes the actuality and materialization of the spirits. It is also a philosophy because it conducts and balances the natural laws of both the physical and spiritual realm and makes it the basis of the spiritualist conclusions on truths and facts. And lastly, spiritualism is also believed to be a religion because the people who practices it works hard to give meaning, understand and to follow the natural laws, also known as the laws of God himself, of the physical, spiritual and mental realms.



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