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If you are not born with a psychic talent, you need not despair as anyone with knowledge, hard work, perseverance and dedication can become a psychic. The best course in this direction is to seek the tutelage of an experienced and reputed psychic teacher or a guru. There are psychic institutions also which provide on-campus or even online coaching. Learning psychics is slightly different from learning other academic subjects like sciences, languages and maths in that a student here is expected to observe certain amount of mental purity and discipline. You cannot become a psychic by acquiring the theoretical knowledge or cramming facts and figures like in other subjects. You have to adopt some basic psychic principles in your life. You have to train and refine your sensibilities by clearing your mind and spirit of the clutter of negative thoughts and feelings. You will have to develop some positive values such as fellow feeling and compassion for the miserable people. This can be done only by shedding off your selfishness and ego. Learning and practicing psychics is in fact a process of genuine spiritual refinement and evolution of the self through fundamental changes in lifestyle, outlook and attitude.

As in every other subject, a student needs to learn the basic principles of psychics. As mentioned earlier, these principles are not just to be learnt by rote. They have to be practically adopted in one’s daily life routine. For example, you may have to learn to meditate to relax your mind and overcome your ego. Meditation may help activate the various vortices or chakras located in various parts of the body and create link with the higher spiritual powers. It may open up the third eye or the sixth sense to divine the course of events. Meditation is the mother of all the basic psychic faculties such as intuition, telepathy, and clairvoyance and so on. You may also learn the theoretical subjects like astrology, palmistry, numerology, tarot card interpretation, crystal gazing and much more, but you will not be able to master these arts and interpret them accurately without developing the basic psychic faculties.


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