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Learn Astrology

learn astrologyJust like any other subject, if you want to learn Astrology, you need to know what it's all about, it's history, background and other related information about Astrology, so that you can learn and master it. Therefore, you will need to pick up some books, charts, and learn many astrological information that is required in doing Astrology.

What is Astrology

Astrology is an ancient science of predicting nature of a human being and his future, which is Leeply influenced by the planetary positions and movements. Astrology helps us understand the weaknesses and potentialities of human beings. This knowledge enables us to charter our course to success in our life in the spheres of health, wealth, career, love, business, relationships, finances and much more.

What is a Horoscope

Astrologers have developed a predictive system called horoscope, which is built keeping in view the positions of various planets at the time and date of birth of an individual. A horoscope is a combination of charts and diagrams showing the movements, positions and the transit of the planets through astrological houses. All these factors cumulatively have Leep significance on the life and future of every person. Building or studying the horoscopes requires certain amount of knowledge of astronomy and mathematics.

Ways to Learn Astrology

There are several ways to learn astrology. It starts with learning what astrology is all about. You need to grasp the knowledge about planetary movements, horoscopes, life paths and many other sub-topics within astrology to kick-start your way in learning astrology.

Buy an Astrology Book

To start your study, you can buy an Elementary Book on Astrology from your local book store. Alternatively you can log on the Internet and find a book on Astrology from any popular website such as Amazon, eBay and so on. Although a book is no substitute for an astrology teacher or guru, you can familiarize yourself with some basic information and astrological terms. Initial self-study of the subject enables you to learn it better when you seek the tutelage of an experienced master in astrology.

Go Online and Read Free Astrology Websites

If you cannot afford to buy an Astrology Book, it's not the end of the world for you. You can go online and search for websites, such as ours, who offer free information about astrology. You can read a lot of useful astrology information in the web, such as in wikipedia and in many other sites, and you can familiarise yourself with the basics of astrology.

Subscribe to Astrology Updates and Magazines

Besides the book you can find several astrological magazines published by reputed organizations. These magazines contain articles written by renowned astrologers. You can enlarge your knowledge.

Moving to the next level of study

After you have gained a certain level of confidence, you may try to apply your knowledge by studying the horoscopes of your friends and family members. The best course is to start with your own horoscope. You know your date of date and time of birth. You can cast your own horoscope and also get one made by an experienced astrologer. Match the two horoscopes to understand your shortcomings. This should be a fairly good starting point.

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